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  1. Can't Access Virtual Machine
  2. DOS 6.22
  3. Location of Virtual Files
  4. ving Vista/X{ installation from physical PC to Vitual PC
  5. VPC message: "Internal VM error(13)"
  6. Help - Installing Downloaded version of Vista Business as Guest
  7. Install Virtual Machine Additions
  8. installing vista on xp
  9. File Size
  10. Creating a virtual domain lab for study purpose
  11. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 12/7/2008
  12. Virtual Box
  13. What is the maximum Virtual Had Disk size for VPC 2007?
  14. over compensated
  15. Setup Virtual PC 2007
  16. Internet in the Vpc
  17. VPC 2007 single-threaded?
  18. Disk performance comparing different options?
  19. Shrink .vhd when using differencing disks?
  20. Ram
  21. windows image files .wim
  22. Can I get info on real, physical hardware ?
  23. How to play XG midi files on your Vista machine using Virtual PC
  24. ipv4 address: duplicate, how to fix it
  25. How to set up 3 NICs on VPC?
  26. noobie questions on vpc
  27. No desktop or start menu
  28. Windows XP virtual pc hard drive fails to commit changes
  29. Virtual PC loses network connectivity
  30. Is VPC 2007 use port number?
  31. This sounds cool
  32. Virtual PC Application for VPN?
  33. Disk space problem
  34. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 11/30/2008
  35. Hyper-V Integration Services
  36. Dynamically expanding virtual hard disk?
  37. save file direct from host into vhd?
  38. can I autorun a programme in a guest when starting guest?
  39. Vista Business Image from Microsoft tails.
  40. DDE Client problems
  41. Virtual Server Networking
  42. Resize Virtual disk - Pleasee Help!
  43. link between VP and Host OS
  44. Problem with stability of VM
  45. Zero out blank space
  46. setting an expiry date on a VPC
  47. Ubuntu 8.10 Install
  48. Activating new XP VM, network failure
  49. Can I install 64-bit VM on 32-bit OS running on 64-bit CPU?
  50. VPC 2007 SP1, x64, and Windows Server 2008 x64
  51. Move VM
  52. Multimedia Beethoven
  53. Printing from Virtual PC2007
  54. How to build a DOS with IPX?
  55. unattend install within vmware
  56. Hard Disk Size Discrepancy
  57. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 11/23/2008
  58. Re: How does Memory allocation in VPC 2007 64bit on 64bit OS work?
  59. Can I load "idle.com" in Autoexec.bat when I work in Windows 98 on
  61. VPC IM driver(VMNetSrv.sys) race condition with nVidia nForce Ethe
  62. Taskbar focus in VPC
  63. Vista screensavers in VPC
  64. vpc 2007 and xp sp3 ie6 image
  65. can not install VPC 2007
  66. How does Virtual PC work?
  67. Sound doesn't work in Vista - Guest: XP
  68. Reduce hard drive in a VPC
  69. Run a Backup VHD in a VPC?
  70. Virtual Environment (AD,DHCP,DNS) - Gettings VPCs to see each othe
  71. Sony CD-RW/DVD Combo CRX830E + Laturi ADP-70EB
  72. Re: Windows XP Laptop Power Options on Virtual Machines
  73. Lost connection to Internet
  74. Win Server 2008 Stnd
  75. MS VPC website says max processor is Intel Core 2 Duo - can't be r
  76. XP Pro 32bit on 64bit Vista running VPC 2007
  77. Connect to host's webserver from VirtualPC
  78. Performance on Laptop
  79. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 11/16/2008
  80. Defrag inside a VM. Would there be any point?
  81. Multiple application
  82. virtual PC how to's
  83. Can't print in 'XP' running in 'Virtual PC' on a 'Vista Business O
  84. VPC2007 with XP/XP: Sounds are doubling/echoing
  85. curious about the pre-compactor
  86. VPC2007 and USB....
  87. Re: Networking in Virtual PC
  88. Understanding some very basic basics
  89. VPC 2007 vs. VMware Workstation
  90. Just getting started
  91. VPC and installing Vista Buisness
  92. Preventing Excel Auto_Open() Macro runnig on vpc -"Shift" doesn't
  93. vmm.sys bsod
  94. Re: Move same VPC between different physical machines?
  95. Copying VHD to a different Host machine leads to OLD VM view
  96. Sharing Folders Via Network Folder
  97. Using VM for Training Exercise
  98. Drag and drop does not work when the user changed
  99. Windows updates Fail to install
  100. How to install windows NT 4.0 to microsoft VM 7 sp1
  101. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 11/9/2008
  102. Virtual PC 2007:Vista SP1 Performs Unacceptable,Vista w/o SP1 Run Well
  103. VPC 2007 SP1 doesn't work with Vista Ultimate?
  104. Installing XP Pro on VPC
  105. Strange multi_monitor behavior
  106. how to minimize the virtual PC screen and connect to a network
  107. Virtual PC 2007 Dynamically expanding Hard Disk
  108. Aero
  109. Is it possible to have 'Save state' and delete changes at the same time?
  110. XP plug-in
  111. Hide Window?
  112. External Hard Drive vs Flash Drive
  113. Many Folders Missing on Drive Shared With Host
  114. Scanner does not work for W98 Virtual PC in WinXP
  115. win98se on xp-pro
  116. VPC 2007 + Intel Series 4 + Vista 32 = Bad performance jerky mouse
  117. Virtual PC SP2 not work after hotfix KB954211 and KB959252
  118. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 11/2/2008
  119. Windows vista Home Premium With VPC 2007
  120. Windows 7?
  121. VPC07 and Netware
  122. Problem with Virtual PC 2007 SP1
  123. Virtual PC 2007 PCMCIA support
  124. Is this a Vista or VPC problem?
  125. Your expertise is very much appreciated
  126. Upgrading to a new mb
  127. OS License for virtual PC
  128. Slow VPC, CPU shows as mhz, NIC driver problems
  129. Unable to access Internet or network with Virtual PC 2007
  130. Mouse problem
  131. Re: Network Problem After installing VPC2007 On Vista x64
  132. Not enough memory available on the host
  133. Question: setting up "my network places" for virtual machines.
  134. Transferring Virtual PC disk files from one computer to another
  135. Re: Virtual PC black screen
  136. Re: Vista Home Premium
  137. Trick VPC
  138. SmartVDK 1.0 is out
  139. microsoft public virtualpc: unsupported OS -- slightly OT :-)
  140. opening virtualbox vmc
  141. Can't ping another VM
  142. My VPC will no longer read discs
  143. How to Share Network folder in VPC 2007
  144. Different login account cannot run Virtual PC
  145. Sharing folders on XP and DOS (guest)
  146. Internet con of guest
  147. Maximum Memory that can be allocated to Virtual pc vms
  148. "Use physical drive <x>" not available
  149. Touchpad
  150. Keyboard
  151. host+enter does not exit full screen
  152. Accessing SQL Server
  153. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 10/19/2008
  154. hardware virtualization
  155. Virutal PC on Vista64 with 16 bit installer apps??
  156. Re: Vista Home Premium .. Can't install Virtual Server.. so how do I automatically start a Virtual PC without a login?
  157. 07 MS Virtual PC-Installing on a mapped drive for multiple PC acce
  158. problem in connecting two virtual machines for local network only
  159. Change location of "My Virtual Machines"
  160. Cannot configure VPC instance to use/share Internet connection
  161. Differencing disks and disk space
  162. Virtual PC to SP1
  163. Firewall blocking internet access by guest
  164. VGA/Display/Resolution problems in Linux Debian 4.04 under vpc 2007
  165. [OT] kind of: fix frozen pointer in Knoppix 5.1 under VPC
  166. Setting up internet in Windows 98
  167. backing up before xp3
  168. Using swap file or not for VM
  169. winpe-2005 ISO
  170. Windows XP sp 3 crash on Dell D830 Vista x64 host system, IntelCor
  171. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 10/12/2008
  172. "Not running on supported OS" on Vista??
  173. how to create a guest virtual computer
  174. Problem : Reboot of Physical PC
  175. Virtual PC 2007
  176. USB support in Virtual PC 2007
  177. After creating new VHD, what do I do with PRECOMPACT D: Drive?
  178. Vhd Viewer
  179. Microsoft VIirtual PC ram problem
  180. VMWare converter
  181. install error
  182. VPC and SQL Connectivity
  183. Virtual PC with Pervasive SQL 2000i
  184. Virtual HDs and Physical HDs...
  185. Setting hard disk ID
  186. Server 2003 Ctr+Alt+Del Problem
  187. WDS and Virtual PC "No Images Available"
  188. virtual PC-Windows Activation
  189. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 10/5/2008
  190. Print Still not working
  191. Red Hat Linux
  192. ATI TV Wonder Pro A/V Capture
  193. Cap Lock Button
  194. Virtual Hard Disk
  195. Create a VHD Image of my laptop
  196. Recovery of Forgot Password for Login
  197. Can Virtual PC and Virtual Server Run On the Same Host At The Same Time?
  198. Cloning Virtual Machines -- How To Change The License Key
  199. VPC Additions in Safe Mode on Vista?
  200. userinit.exe failed to initialize after vm additions upgrade
  201. Creating a new server with VirtualServer
  202. Virtual PC software
  203. how to make MS-Dos partition to install ME etc?
  204. Metalix TD
  205. VMAdditions for ubuntu?
  206. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 9/28/2008
  207. Resize the console window ?
  208. two different domains
  209. New developments in Virtual PC?
  210. "Not running on supported OS"
  211. printer setup
  212. Getting files into and out from Ubuntu in VPC2007?
  213. VM with Win 95 & Byzanine: The Betrayl
  214. Multiple Instances of VPC
  215. ubuntu 8.0.4 screen resolution limited in VPC2007....
  216. Hyper-V & SUSE 10 Enterprise w. SP2
  217. Explorer often crashes when opening shared folder
  218. Can I run Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Ed as a guest OS under
  219. format virtual hard drive
  220. PDA Sync in VPC2007
  221. mouse movement ppor
  222. Installing Operating system in virtual PC
  223. Can you run Mac OS X under VPC?
  224. is it poosible to run a physical vista partition in vmware
  225. Issues with bridging between VPC and host OS network adapters
  226. Data corruption while using shared folders
  227. Installing Windows NT Server in VPC 2007
  228. OEM XP Install Problems
  229. How to create a virtual lan
  230. Wizards don't show
  231. Re: Transfering Files from VPC to Host Issue
  232. Virtual PC & Virtual Joystick in 95 or 95OSR2
  233. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 9/21/2008
  234. No internet connection
  235. Windows XP Pro Install on VPC
  236. Strange One
  237. VMAdditions For Linux
  238. USB support in VPC 2007??
  239. iphone unlock
  240. Cap Locks
  241. SQL Express On Virtual PC 2007
  242. Is there VHD File Format specification available?
  243. SUSE linux in Hyper-V
  244. WinServer 2003`s Network on Virtual PC does not work !
  245. Using external harddrive with XP
  246. Is a virtual pc behind the host software firewall?
  247. Virtual Server 2005 R2 CanĀ“t Add x64 operating system
  248. ActivTION : VISTA Ult VPC on VISTA Ult Host
  249. Virtualizing Windows Server 2003
  250. Using it to Test Software
  251. Total fresh virgin newbie question
  252. Installing Win XP in a virtual PC
  253. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 9/14/2008
  254. VPC07SP1 + Windows 98 SE - very slow frame rate
  255. Cannot Set System & Date in Guest O/S & SQL Server 2005 cannot ins
  256. DOS telnet to Linux File Server
  257. 3D Accelerator Disabled
  258. Running IE6 and IE7
  259. Can Not Install VPC 2007 SP1
  260. Newbie questions
  261. Re: Virtual PC 2007 USB printer
  262. Re: virtual pc 2007 roxio 2009
  263. Linux on VPC
  264. Can Virtual PC manage this scenario?
  265. Can't connect to internet
  266. Re: Browse Internet and Virutal PC
  267. Re: Browse Internet and Virutal PC
  268. I can't play wav file with WMP on vista
  269. Re: Fedora 9: install attempts freeze
  270. multibyte nops
  271. Differencing disk configuration handling?
  272. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 9/7/2008
  273. Portability of guests based on differencing disks??
  274. Vista vs XP memory capacity
  275. Boot screen contents not showing up...
  276. Moved VHD to laptop, annoying problem (IP conflict detected)
  277. Program too big to fit in memory
  278. Guest reboots when Host reboots?
  279. Re: Joining a domain from a VirtPC ?
  280. Network: Access guest from host
  281. Can u instal same copy of XP as a VPC?
  282. How to Get Started?
  283. ANOTHER question about OS licensing
  284. Can VPC see Parallel Port/Security Dongle?
  285. Ping xp virtual machine from Vista Host
  286. Windows Server 2003 vs. 2008 - very different speed of work
  287. Re: Running a virtual image of Windows XP
  288. Problem with colour quality and resolution
  289. Distorted: Print Master
  290. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 8/31/2008
  291. Keyboard/Mouse not working, i believe its vmadditions problem?
  292. Re: Clipboard between host and VM breaks
  293. Virtual pc 2007 sp1 installation failure
  294. Mouse wheel not working
  295. Power Options problems Vista Ultimate
  296. Media Player can't play .wav files from external usb drive
  297. Stuck at start screen
  298. Sharing folders
  299. Does Virtual PC protect me from malware?
  300. Converting / using VHD files to / with VMWare for Desktop Linux
  301. Virtual PC 2007 / Virtual Server 2005 R2 Capabilities
  302. Virtual PC 2007 w SP1 and "unrecoverable processor error"
  303. Vitual PC 2007 and SQL Server 2005 Express
  304. Just looked at vmware esxi...why would I install this instead of v
  305. Trying To Recover XP Environment
  306. Trying to create a vhd of Vista64Ult on a computer running Vista64
  307. Full Screen in Vista
  308. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 8/24/2008
  309. Check Point VPN client on VPC
  310. Check Point FDE and VPC2k7
  311. VPC MAC Addresses
  312. Cannot get DOS program (1992 Foxpro) to work
  313. Hardware Vitualization
  314. network driver for DOS VM
  315. Mouse Not Working in Local Virtual PC
  316. USB Ports
  317. VPC 2007 installation problems
  318. RE: problems using virtual hard disks (VHD) with XP, VHDMount
  319. Guest autologin and startup
  320. Disk is Full error
  321. .wim to VHD
  322. Securely licensing products for use with VPC
  323. Virtual PC type app without admin rights?
  324. Re: cloning current system to virtual PC?
  325. XP Logon Message when running in VPC2007
  326. Why would the local graphics card affect the VPC
  327. Win98 network issue
  328. Virtual PC ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to recognize any cd
  329. q269616 hotfix for nt4
  330. Win NT 3.51 SP 5 hangs when 2+ hard disks connected
  331. Windows server 2008 VPCs
  332. How to set up networking
  333. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 8/17/2008
  334. How to recognize a second Hard disk
  335. Problem with VHD rebooting
  336. Setting up a VHD
  337. Virtual Image
  338. Windows Explorer "Files In Use" VPC 2007SP1
  339. Running cshow under DOS/VPC2007
  340. Security Between Host and Virtual PC
  341. Setting up email with AD
  342. Re: running Dos 6.2 inside Virtual PC
  343. .:| LIVE CD for Virtualize Security Appliance |:.
  344. Saved State Error
  345. 2GB of memory = 'unrecoverable processor error'
  346. Recovering documents from a virtual machine
  347. Cannot print to LPT1 with VPC2007
  348. Installing Windows XP on Virtual PC 2007
  349. VM Additions Not Working
  350. Transferring Files Between VM and Host computer
  351. how can I check when is the last time I commit change to the hard
  352. [OT] Sparc/Alpha emulators
  353. VPC problems over AMD. Internet problems: bad request, error 400
  354. Virtual PC 2006 x64
  355. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 8/10/2008
  356. Windows 95 video game CD music problem
  357. Custom screen resolution in Vista Basic guest machine.
  358. Hosting Website From Vista
  359. VPC 7 for Mac
  360. Newbie question
  361. Virtual Machine Display Resolution and VM Additions
  362. Re: Microsoft Virtual Machine stopped working. please help.
  363. Exchange 200X Email Emulation
  364. Virtual PC cannot share network adapter when VPN is connected
  365. Anti virus software in VPC
  366. Use of USB ports
  367. Can't browse the web from Guest OS
  368. Add an external device
  369. Hardware-assisted virtualization
  370. pointless waste of a weekend
  371. This weekend I did work in the yard
  372. win32.sys blue screeen crash
  373. No sound in Vista?
  374. Special windows account for VirtualPC
  375. virtual pc on vista basic.
  376. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 8/3/2008
  377. Error installing Windows XP on Virtual PC
  378. Unrecoverable Processor error encountered
  379. New VM Wizard stuck on Quick Launch Bar on Virtual PC 2007 SP1
  380. GetShortPathName issue
  381. VPC and serial port fixes
  382. multiple monitors
  383. Running VPC from a VHD
  384. A note on saved VMs
  385. Does Software Restriction Policy on Host Affect a Guest OS?
  386. P2V XP before Vista?
  387. Can't start a 486 game
  388. A point of curiosity
  389. transfer files from vista to virtual pc.
  390. VirtualBox, anyone?
  391. Dual Monitor Support
  392. Error Installing Additions
  393. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 7/27/2008
  394. Re: Win 3.11 WfW Internet Under Virtual PC 2007? How to do?
  395. Re: cloning current system to virtual PC?
  396. Re: Drivers SVGA 256 Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (Virtual PC 2007 SP1)?
  397. VPC on 64 Bit Vista Deleting Saved State
  398. Networking OS/2 guest (Warp4) in VPC2004?
  399. Installing Dos 6.22 on an NTFS hard drive
  400. virtual PC image to Hyper v
  401. vmusrvc.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  402. closing, discarding, saving, undo disks, oh my...
  403. More users on Virtual PC 2007
  404. 64bit Vista & 32bit XP
  405. Screen resolution
  406. XP SP3 updated 3 virtual machines
  407. Safe to get a virus?
  408. saved state
  409. Re: Virtual PC 2007
  410. Drag & Drop - cut & Paste
  411. VPC on Server 2003 (actually, SBS)?
  412. Shared Folder Shows as "Disconnected Network Drive"
  413. Visual installation of Win 98
  414. Vista Home Premium SP1, Kubuntu and VirtualPC
  415. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 7/20/2008
  416. Error when adding programs to guest os
  417. Error at Boot Media
  418. How to use the Virtual PC after it is installed
  419. Cannot connect to Cisco VPN from VPC
  420. Can't join Virtual Vista to a Virtual 2008 Domain Server
  421. network path not found
  422. Enhancement: Error Logging
  423. Licencing Guest OS in Virtual PC 2007
  424. DSL-N :: Hang @ DHCP broadcasting for IP.
  425. Missing VM?
  426. VirtualPC and wireless network adapter
  427. Install an OS
  428. Can't move cursor out of the Virtual machine window!
  429. Installing Upgrade version in Virtual PC
  430. HOney, I shrunk the command buttons (in Excel VBA)
  431. network problems
  432. Links 2001 - Virual PC 2007
  433. Can you set Virtual PC to not save changes?
  434. Cursor is now White - I want the normal Black I-Beam back
  435. Trouble installing OS
  436. Product Activation
  437. UTF encoded filenames cannot be copied
  438. trouble installing server 2003
  439. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 7/13/2008
  440. SLED 10 Under VPC 2007 under XP Pro - 2nd Post
  441. Problems with bar code scanner
  442. Windows 98 networking issues on VPC 2007
  443. Virtual PC 2007 error message - 'The startup disk could not be written to'
  444. Some Keys Not Right on CRM VMC Demo (VPC 2007)
  445. Cant install windows operating system on virtual pc
  446. Windows Server 2003 VMC Logon Password??
  447. Virtual XP free?
  448. Networking Virtual PC and Virtual Server
  449. directx3d acceleration
  450. Additions wont install
  451. VPC on Vista Guest Account
  452. Virtual PC Will Not Allow Logon - Task Manager Pops Up
  453. color with virtual pc additions
  454. VPC 2007 & networking
  455. SLED 10 Under VPC 2007 under XP Pro
  456. SLED 10 under VPC 2007 under XP Pro
  457. VirtualPC VM created in XP host hangs in Vista host
  458. VPC vs. Dual Boot
  459. installing XP Pro
  460. Kernel Debugger on VPC2007
  461. VPC2007/DOS CPU hog
  462. Host cannot see guest on network
  463. open virtual hard disk
  464. Default location of virtual machines
  465. Network folders can't be shared by Virtual PC
  466. Fullscreen - Widescreen
  467. Licensing
  468. 16-bit Palm Desktop using USB Cradle for Synchronization
  469. VPC and Redneck Rampage
  470. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 7/6/2008
  471. Sound & USB flash memory
  472. SLED10 under VPC 2007 on XPPro
  473. SLED 10 under VPC 2007 under XP Pro
  474. New operating system in Virtual PC
  475. Resolution problem with Win 98 SE under MS VPC 2007
  476. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 6/29/2008
  477. Networking Guest to Host and Host to Guest
  478. VPC 2K7 networking
  479. Use VPC2007SP1 Display Problem Under Vista Ultimate
  480. Softice and Trw2000 with win98
  481. Vista Ult 64 VPC 2007- XP
  482. cant share my VHD with a colleague
  483. Mouse Wheel
  484. Why is my differencing disk so big?
  485. Any Fix for Sound Stuttering in a WinXP VM running under Vista?
  486. Virtual PC 2007: Slow Login Process
  487. Virtual PC 2005/WinXP Pro SP2 session crashes when user installs Adobe Flash....
  488. Unhandled PowerPC 700 error
  489. Graphics software
  490. Best Linux version to run under MS VPC 2007?
  491. Flickers when playing 2D games
  492. Ubuntu 7.01 desktoip
  493. MAC address visibility for my ISP
  494. Mini newsgroup FAQ for the week of 6/22/2008
  495. Uninstall Virtual PC 2204 and SP1
  496. Can virtualpc help with compatibility - run XP only compliant software on the VPC
  497. Making a .vfd form a directory of files.............
  498. How can I be able to switch back and forward between 2 OS on my la
  499. how to install 2 OS in a laptop
  500. Virtual PC 2007 won't download