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Deleting Media Info (Media Player 10)

Media Player 10 deleting media info
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When ripping CD comilations that you have made yourself (and therefore do not
exist anywhere else as a published "album") Windows Media Player 10 somehow
seems to label the individual songs on the compelation as belonging to the
same album.
The problem arises when you attempt to get media info for these songs using
Media players otherwise very useful "find media info" function. Here what
1.) You select a song that you ripped form that custom mix CD you made, and
tell WMP10 to "find media info" (let's say it's Hank Williams' "my dog blue"
and it's track 3 on your compilation)
2.) WMP10 then either finds the album that the song belongs to automatically
or lets you search for it and select whic album the song belongs to.
3.)At this point you will notice several things happen:
A.) The song title for the song you wanted info for ("my dog blue") has
been changed to the title of whatever that track number was (for instance if
track 3 on the origianl album happens to be "my betsy left me") according to
the album info
is now idetified as belonging to that same album complete with album cover
art (in this case of Hank Williams with his John Lennon from track
6 rolls in his grave)

You can manually go in and change the media info to each and every song
so that they are indexed correctly in your library BUT WMP10 still somehow
identifies them as belonging to the same ablum and the cover art (Hank and
his dog) sticks with each and every one of the tracks from your compilation.
Besides this, should you ever try to update the media info again of any
of these tracks, it will be the same thing all over again, complete with
songs being renamed incorrectly, incorrect cover art and an increasingly
annoying mess in your media Library.

I believe that an update should be made to WMP10 that will allow you to
delete ANY AND ALL media information that comes with tracks when you rip them
from a CD allowing you to index them more accurately with the right media
info once they are loaded into your library.

Please let me know if another solution exists.
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