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domain trust validates OK, but not really.

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i have a domain X on 2003 servers (2 of them)
i have a domain Y on 2008 server & 2012 server.

i successively created a two way non transitive trust between them, originating the trust request from domain X servers.
  • i can validate both from both domains.
  • i can share folders on domain Y for domain X users.
  • when i try to share folders on domain X for domain Y users
i get: "the following error prevented the display of any items the server is not operational" in the Select Users dialog of the folder permissions option.
  • I created a user of same login and pw and shared it in the dns of both
  • i created manual forwarders (host A) in both domains to both servers
  • i can ping the server names from all servers/domain and resolve the IPs
  • i also added all server entries to both domains fw and rev looking zones (not sure if its necessary, or if it actually causing issues)

what am i missing?

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