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Has anyone every made use of NLTEST? I have never gotten it to do anything

Anyone have any advice on what to use it for and what not to try and use it

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Paul Williams [MVP]
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One of the first things I turn to when looking at problems locating a

nltest /

Also for checking and resetting the secure channel.

You can also use it for some basic information gathering, such as what site
you are in, where others are, etc.

Paul Williams
Microsoft MVP - Windows Server - Directory Services |

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I use nltest to quickly verify what Active Directory Site a machine is in,

for example,
nltest /server:machinename /dsgetsite

The other method would be to determine the subnet of the machine, then see what site the subnet is defined in AD Sites and Services.
But if the subnet is not defined in AD, then the machine will be allocated a random site. If this happens and you what to find out what site the machines in, the nltest command is the easiest way.
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to find the logon server and site name


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