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Re: Batch Script Text file parse

Pegasus [MVP]
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<> wrote in message
> Newbie here.
> I am trying to get a single line of text from each file within a
> directory of text files.
> Example
> I have directory X that contains files:
> file1.txt
> file2.txt
> file3.txt
> Each text file is similar in structure, and contains lines like:
> Some mumbo jumbo
> Uniqe ID: xyzpdq
> some other mumbo jumbo
> etc, etc, etc.
> In all cases, line 2 contains "Unique ID:" and then the unique
> identifier text, which is what I need to extract.
> In the above case, I need the "xyzpdq". Note that this is what
> changes in each test file.
> I want to run a script that will parse either this unique ID, or the
> entire 2nd line of text (in which case I can just trim it later) -
> from all .txt files within the folder.
> any help?
> Thanks.

Here is a batch file solution:
@echo off
for %%a in ("d:\temp\*.txt") do call :Sub %%a
goto :eof

for /F "skip=1 tokens=3" %%b in ('type "%*"') do (
echo %* %%b & goto :eof

Its advantage is that it's simple. It's drawback is that it's slow and that
it will probably trip over so-called "poison characters". If you want
something robust and fast then a VB Script file would be a better solution.
How about having a go at it yourself, then requesting specific advice here
instead of asking for the whole thing to be delivered on a platter?

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