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Re: cant see modem/router with sbs & enable Internet for users

Gregg Hill
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An SBS 2003 "default" installation would have the LAN IP subnet of
192.168.16.x, so if you make your router's LAN IP address, your
SBS server (or anything other than .1), and put that into the
Internet wizard of SBS 2003, you should have access. Go to your router's
config pages and make sure its LAN IP is on the same subnet as the SBS
server, i.e., do not have one at 192.168.1.x and one at 192.168.16.x. I
recommend NOT having a 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x LAN, as they may cause
problems if you try to use a VPN.

Gregg Hill

"newbie" <> wrote in message
news: ...
> Hello.
> I am having trouble geting internet connection setup on sbs2003 r2 default
> and new install. The problem is that I get get the web interface up on
> linksys modem ag300 gateway 4port ethenet adsl modem. just get standard
> not found error. The address of the modem is
> Is this address somehow restricted by default install and how do I check
> this on the server? can access the mdem if attached to my home pc.
> At the moment it is connected to the server via switch. Am thinking of
> installing own new second network card - Is this a better idea?
> When I have the ADSL Internet connection setup do I need to enable the
> client computers in any way - to be able to use it or does sbs
> automatically allow all comuters and users to use the connection?
> Applogies for the simple nature of the problem as I am only novice
> (nominated to be "techie") and we are small organisation and cant afford
> for someone to come out and fix .
> Thanking anyone for replies.

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