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Re: Folder disapeared - and I need it back

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Have you tried searching for it?

If really gone, use Previous Versions and see if that can help. Type in help

How do I restore a previous version of a file or folder?

<> wrote in message
>I accidentally dragged my C:\images folder (contains year's worth of camera
>images) up a few folders and Vista 64 Business agreed to move this folder
>to the new location, but I was still hovering somewhere over the folders in
>C:, so I released the left mouse button. Windows started to move the folder
>(From C:\ to C:\ ??). I didn't want this folder moved so I clicked on the
>cancel that was displayed. Within a second the copy or move function had
>been cancelled. Now I can't find the Images folder, The size of the C:
>drive hasn't shrunk, but Windows Explorer doesn't show me the folder. And
>it's not in the Recycle Bin.
> I shut down as many applications as I could do without and haven't
> re-booted yet. These are priceless images - I'm really hoping to recover
> them (by finding the missing folder).

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