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Re: having serious problems

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"roobes" <> wrote in message
> Hey everyone. I'm having a huge problem with my computer (which operates
> on vista) and am tearing my hair out over it.
> First of all, a nasty virus called 'security tools' infected my
> computer and i couldn't get rid of it because it wouldn't enable me to
> run real anti-virus programs such as anti-malwarebytes which has worked
> for me in the past. I do have solutions for getting rid of this virus
> now but i can't even boot up my computer properly.
> This morning when i booted up my laptop, startup repair tried to repair
> my computer but after not being able to fix the problem it decided to
> restart my computer again only to go back to startup repair, try to fix
> the problem and restart again. Now i can't seem to get past the startup
> repair screen as it always shuts down or restarts.
> And trust me, i have tried everything it seems:
> i tried to disable startup repair by opening up the command box and
> typing in bcdedit/set{default}recoveryenabled No but that doesn't work.
> Restoring it to a previous date doesn't seem to work either neither
> does system restore
> Even trying to start up my laptop in safe mode doesn't work.
> I haven't tried complete recovery but i really don't want to lose all
> my data or files.
> Now i'd quite like to find a way to get rid of startup repair because
> if that didn't come up anymore i would be able to log in as normal and
> then get rid of the virus.
> Any help would be really appreciated! Thank you
> --
> roobes
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Try here -


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