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Re: IE9 security warnings

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| Please don't tell me to use another browser

OK. I won't ask why you prefer all this trouble
over using another browser that's not fatally
interwoven with the operating system. But one
might ask why you keep updating a browser
that only gets worse with each version. You
went to all that trouble and you're still trying to
get IE9 installed?!

You didn't provide much actual information, other
than to explain that you've fiddled a lot with settings
and files, and that you have a lot of dubious "security"
software running. You didn't say what the warnings
are, what pages won't open, etc. In other words, you're
describing your hassles and efforts rather than
describing the problem.

Personally, if re-installing is not too big a deal at
this point, that's what I'd do. It sounds like you
may have changed a lot of things that can't be
easily undone when you "completely removed IE 7,8,9
and then went through and deleted the associated
registry keys."

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