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Re: logonserver

Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]
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Hello griffinpet,

Have you configured a FORWARDER in ALL DNS server properties to your ISPs
DNS server?

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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> 10.0.1.x and 10.0.2.x are just member servers, no DCs there. SQL and
> WEB servers.
> The errors are gone but the authenticating server still alternates to
> the dcs in Site A sometimes.
> I really suspect DNS problems on the DC in Site B (PB-FS-01). From a
> client in Site B with the DNS server set to I sometimes
> get problems when I try to resolve certain domains and as a result I
> cannot login to messenger or access certain sites.
> If for example in nslookup I issue a query to it cannot
> resolve. If I set the server to (the DC in Site A) it
> resolves perfectly. I cannot understand this.
> I checked DNS manager in both DCs running Win 2003 and they're
> perfectly the same. The Win2000 DC in Site A has a few standard zones
> that do not replicate to the other DCs but this should not have any
> effect?
> Should I demote PB-FS-01 and promote it again?

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Ace Fekay [MCT]
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"griffinpet" <> wrote in message
> Hi again,
> done now and external requests are being resolved. I thought that
> root hints should have taken care of requests that could not be resolved
> on each DC.
> I demoted the DC in SiteB, removed the DNS server, promoted again and
> was placed in the correct site when dcpromo was finished.
> Tried to logon from a client again and guess what? logonserver still
> reports DCs in SiteA this is driving me crazy.

Actually demoting/promoting won't do it, especially if it may be doing the
same thing after you've completed that task. It sounds like more a firewall
block, such as blocking or not allowing UDP 53, or blocking ENDS0. What type
of firewall are in place?

Can you test it with nslookup? Say when you have a problem with a site, such
as that or any domain, try:


Then if that doesn't return a response, try the following command and then
re-run the query:

> set vc

If that works, it tells me the EDNS0 is being blocked.

You an also try prtquery from Microsoft. It will test open ports between

Download details: PortQryUI - User Interface for the PortQry ...Aug 2, 2004
.... PortQryUI - User Interface for the PortQry Command Line Port Scanner.
Brief Description. Download PortQryUI.exe, an add on User Interface ...

Quick Details - Overview - System Requirements - Instructions

New features and functionality in portqry version 2.0portqry queries UDP
port 1434 to query all the SQL Server named instances ...... Important The
portqueryui tool provides a graphical user interface and is ...


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