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Re: Media Player 12 - Edit auto playlist

Tim De Baets
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Exactly, a playlist containing <media> elements is a always a normal
playlist and never an auto playlist. In an auto playlist, only the
playlist title and criteria are saved, not the songs that meet these
criteria. Other XML elements are used for this, such as <smil> and

If you create a new auto playlist, does that work?


Tim De Baets

RobinBanks wrote:
> On Jan 22, 9:07 pm, RobinBanks <>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can anyone tell me how to edit an auto playlist in Windows Media
>> Player 12? The Help screen says you simply right click on the
>> playlist. But that does nothing on my machine. Surely the only way
>> to edit an auto playlist is to edit the selection criteria which were
>> entered when it was created. How do I get back to that screen?
>> I have wasted so much time on this that I would have given up and
>> created a new auto playlist,, but I cannot remember what my criteria
>> were! All I know is that new songs are not appearing in my auto
>> playlist when I expected them to. This must be because I am tagging
>> them differently. But unless I can see what I did originally, I do
>> not know what to change.
>> Any help gratefully received.
>> Robin

> Hi again,
> I have tried another angle. I located the wpl file for this playlist
> and opened it in an XML viewer. It looks like any other playlist - a
> lot of lines beginning: <media src= . These are the mp3s which met
> the criteria I originally specified. As an experiment, I deleted two
> lines and resaved the file.
> The WMP Help file "Create or change and auto playlist in WMP" says: "…
> An auto playlist updates itself each time you open it." Mine
> doesn't. My so-called autoplaylist is now short of the two entries I
> deleted. Should it not have regenerated itself? I looks as though my
> playlist is no longer Auto, which is why my additions have not shown
> up, and the deleted items have not reappeared. The playlist still
> shows the icon with the curving arrow which distinguished auto
> playlists from ordinary ones.
> Any ideas, anyone?
> Robin

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