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Re: Vista SP1 problem

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John Harris wrote:
:: I installed SP1 onto a laptop and after about three quarters of an
:: hour into the process, the laptop switched itself off. I restarted
:: and got a choice between Repair or Start Windows normally. I made
:: the mistake of picking the second option. A huge series of files
:: began to be opened, with the names of each flashing on the screen.
:: Then it seemed to get stuck on a file in the registry. Or it may
:: have been opening a long series of files with the same address
:: becuase I couldn't see the end of the filenames.
:: At this point I restarted and picked the F8 option. I chose the
:: Repair option from a list of about 8 options (including Restore to
:: anearlier point). This led once again to my original choice of
:: Repair or restart normally. I now picked Repair. That was about
:: three hours ago. The repair process still appears to be going ahead.
:: Do I just have to be patient, or has the repair system stalled?
:: Thanks for any suggestions.
:: JH

Try the WU Newsgroup - Forums Home -

Note all WU forums are the same regardless of Windows version so make sure
you state your version of windows etc.

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