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Safe senders list at Exchange level?

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Hi folks,

Just completed a swing migraton from 2003 -> 2008 this weekend. Still
cleaning up some things and have a small issue i'm trying to figure out how
best to fix it.
We have copiers at a couple of locations that are used to scan directly to
e-mail. As such, the account they use to scan has an e-mail address attached
to it (). Before the domain migration, people would scan
and it would arrive at their inbox.
After getting the relaying set up right on the 2008 box, when they scan it
is going into junk mail folder automatically.
For my employees, I would just tell them to move it from the junk folder and
add that e-mail address to the safe senders list and be done, but we also
have clients who use this to scan to their own e-mail accounts, could be
gmail, hotmail, web based, outlook, I don't know all the possible configs.
Anyway, I dont' know if this is possible or not, but is there a place in
Exchange 2007 to say something like "If it's from this e-mail address, it's
good, send to the inbox", or is all of that interaction at the client all the
time? I don't recall doing anything special for exchange 2003, but it alwasy
went into the inbox. The attached file is a pdf with a time/date stamp,
something like 20100101010101.pdf if that matters to the conversation.


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Robbin Meng [MSFT]
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Hello Mike,

Thanks for your post.

New to Exchange 2007 is the ability to white list certain senders or domains bypassing content filtering. This is not available in the EMC(Exchange Management Console), but the
cmdlets are intuitive. You can use the Exchange Management Shell to configure the Content Filter agent to bypass messages from specific senders and sender domains. If your
organization frequently exchanges messages with specific external entities, you will find exceptions to content filtering for specific senders and sender domain messages helpful.

To whitelist an SMTP address, the steps can be run from the following Microsoft TechNet article:

Specifying Sender Exceptions

Message Hygiene in Exchange Server 2007

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Robbin Meng(MSFT)
Microsoft Online Newsgroup Support
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