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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by glentall, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. glentall

    glentall Guest

    I've had the same type problem for a number of weeks. I tried installing XP
    SP3 thinking it would fix the problem but it didn't. After extensive surfing
    and searching, I found a post that referred to the Process Monitor program.
    ( )
    Using the program, I was able to see all the "thread" processes that were
    running under my explorer.exe process (I don't understand how they all work
    together). The thread that was running the wsil32.dll process was using up
    all my CPU time. I found out wsil32.dll is "Winlogon Startup Initialization
    Library." I killed the process to see what would happen and my system
    "calmed-down" back to "normal" (the System Idle process was now using up most
    of the CPU time which I am sure is much better). I now need to investigate
    this WSIL program, find out how necessary it is, find out if there is
    something wrong with my system that caused it to hang up, and find out if I
    can fix it or eliminate it.

    Again, as someone else mentioned, I write all this hoping someone else might
    discover a solution to their problem quicker. I've noticed through my
    searching for the past couple weeks that many people (for many years) have
    some process eating up their CPU time. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to
    be a truly common cause at the root of the problem. I'd still like to see
    some Master PC Guru put all the pieces together so I could understand the
    cause in case something similar happens in the future. I'm betting most of
    those people have given up and switched to Mac's.


    "FirasKay" wrote:

    > Hey Ian and Malke, both your inputs were rather insightful!
    > Malke, i was about to do a clean boot when I thought id try the Process
    > Monitor that Ian was on about. It took me a couple of minutes to work my
    > way around, but eventually there was one path that was causing
    > Explorer.exe to go mental, and it was leading to weird .mpg file that
    > was in the documents folder, around 20K which doesnt work but was
    > opening on run-time then slowly consuming the memory. Thus I quaranteed
    > the file, then removed it. The CPU is still working around 60% but the
    > monitor is showing me that there are several dead registries in the
    > svchost.exe that are working the CPU, which isnt that big of a deal!
    > Thanks for your help, I hope this post will be helpful to anyone else
    > facing this problem!
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    > FirasKay
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    glentall, Aug 21, 2009
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