Re: Replacing server single HDD with larger one - No Raid

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Grant Taylor, May 1, 2010.

  1. Grant Taylor

    Grant Taylor Guest

    Frank wrote:
    > I have listed what I believe are the steps for this.

    Technically that can be made to work. But that method will require a
    *LOT* of work.

    > Any suggestions?


    Use a disk imaging program that will resize the current partitions while
    copying to the new drive.

    Seagate / Maxtor drives can use MaxBlast 5, which is a rebranded /
    crippled version of Acronis TrueImage.

    I personally use Acronis TrueImage (so it's not limited to Seagate /
    Maxtor drives) to do this quite frequently.

    You will simply copy the old drive to the new drive and adjust the
    partition sizes that get created on the new drive.

    Grant. . . .
    Grant Taylor, May 1, 2010
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  2. Grant Taylor

    Grant Taylor Guest

    Frank wrote:
    > Thanks for the pointer. The non-profit org. does not have a lot of money
    > to spend on a full version to perform a one time project. I investigated
    > the trial version of Acronis TrueImage and found the following
    > limitations in the bootable media:

    > It looks like I can resize the partitions but cannot commit the changes

    Don't bother with buying the full version of Acronis TrueImage for the
    one time. Get a Maxtor / Seagate drive, which can be used with MaxBlast 5.

    MaxBlast 5 is a ""restricted version of Acronis TrueImage Home. The
    limitation is that it will only run if you are running it on a system
    with a Maxtor / Seagate drive hooked up for the software to see.

    So, buy a Seagate / Maxtor drive and use the free version of MaxBlast 5.

    Grant. . . .
    Grant Taylor, May 1, 2010
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  3. Grant Taylor

    Grant Taylor Guest

    Frank wrote:
    > I tried to research the MaxBlast software compatibility with 2003
    > server but could not find a definite answer. Have you successfully
    > used MaxBlast on a 2003 server?


    Multiple times.

    One of the advantages of MaxBlast 5 (Acronis TrueImage Home) boot media
    is that it will not make changes to the original drive (unless you tell
    it to).

    Grant. . . .
    Grant Taylor, May 5, 2010
  4. Grant Taylor

    Grant Taylor Guest

    Frank wrote:
    > Thanks for the update Grant. The HDD replacement is scheduled for
    > Saturday morning. I will post back with the results.

    You are welcome.

    Good luck.

    Take a book with you to read during the "Blue Bar Time" (TM) that things
    are copying. (Voice of experience of not having one.) ;)

    Grant. . . .
    Grant Taylor, May 6, 2010
  5. Grant Taylor

    Grant Taylor Guest

    Frank wrote:
    > Hi Grant,


    > The disk clone went well until I installed the new disk. I had to run
    > "fixMBR" after that the server booted with no problems.


    I'm sort of surprised that you had to do that. But I'm not that
    surprised. Different OSs will do different things to other non system
    drives if they see them on boot.

    > Thanks for your advice on this.

    You are welcome.

    As an aside, you still have the old drive as a fully functional backup. :-]

    ....At least until it's too old and needs to be scrapped.

    Grant. . . .
    Grant Taylor, May 10, 2010
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