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Win7 wakeup problem

George Neuner
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Hi all,

I have a 64-bit Win7 HE machine with an interesting (to me) problem.

Tise computer is used by a small business - it hosts a fax/answerng
machine and so is on all day, but it is normally in sleep mode
overnight. The power profile settings are to keep it running unless
explicitly shutdown. There are timed tasks that do maintenance
(backup, defrag, etc.) after hours and then put it to sleep, and then
it is woken again in the morning so it can answer calls before the
shop opens.

The issue is the computer won't stay awake after the morning task runs
.... after a few minutes it goes back to sleep unless someone is
present to tap the keyboard, move the mouse, etc. (which would wake
it anyway). There doesn't seem to be any problem generally with
sleep/wake - other than this task related issue the computer behaves

I have gone over the settings for the wakeup task and I can't find any
reason for the computer going back to sleep. The task itself is a
do-nothing "cmd.exe /c exit" whose only purpose is as an action to be
executed. I did look into the "stop if switched to battery" setting
because the UPS monitor seems to take several seconds to recognize
that it has line power after waking ... but the wakeup task executes
regardless of that setting and I have verified that the UPS monitor is
*not* erroneously shutting down the computer again.

Google has not been very helpful ... there are plenty of complaints
about Win7 not staying asleep, but so far I haven't found anyone else
complaining that it won't stay awake 8-(

At this point I'm stumped. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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My solution is to never use those power saving features. More often
than not, they just screw things up, especially with some USB peripherals.

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George Neuner
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On Tue, 13 Nov 2012 21:58:20 -0800, miso <> wrote:

>My solution is to never use those power saving features. More often
>than not, they just screw things up, especially with some USB peripherals.

Yeah, getting everything just so takes some fine tuning. But with the
exception of this problem waking with the timed task, the computer is
behaving itself.

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