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WMV streaming Player application on Windows CE 5.0

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Hi ,
I write a streaming client player on CEPC that play the media files from a
PC server.
The player base on direct show filters.
I wrote a source filter refference from Async reader sample.
the filter read media data from internet and it's output pin
provide a read() setposition() interfaces to downstream parser filter.

The player works fine while streamming mpeg1 files,
but it doesn't work on streaming WMV files .
While my application render the filter's output pin it occor render error.

search the newsgroups some threads apply that the directshow need a custom
asf parser filter to demux the WMV stream for async reader output pin
BECAUSE the original asf demux is combine with original sourcefilter.

some threads apply that you can implement source plugin for original buildin
sourcefilter,so you can feed the WMV meda datas to the buildin asf parser.

My develop tool is eMbbed VC++
for asf parser I don't know how to build the asf parser filter to ce platform
from the sample code

for implementing source plugin ,I can't find any sample code to follow,
and some interface header,librarys only document in platform sdk(window
media services,windows media format) .

I can't find headers,librarys from CE platform builder's document.

Any suggestion ?

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