0x80070643: driver update for Dell Wireless 1350 WLAN Mini-PCI Car

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by KellyH, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. KellyH

    KellyH Guest

    I try to update driver for Dell Wireless 1350 WLAN Mini-PCI Card on Microsoft
    Update and get error 0x80070643. The driver is not installed, however the
    driver is downloaded to my computer.

    1)How do I fix this problem, so it will install properly?
    2)Where is this download on my computer? Can I installed it menually or at
    least find out the name and version of this driver so I can go to Dell.com
    download it myself.
    3)How do I rollback so Micosoft Update doesn't mark it as already downloaded
    when it checks for updates on my computer.


    KellyH, Jun 11, 2008
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  2. KellyH

    KellyH Guest

    This is on XP platform.
    KellyH, Jun 11, 2008
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  3. KellyH

    realcestmoi Guest

    Hi there,

    Taking non MS drivers from windows update is not recommanded.

    Drivers should be obtained at the manufacturer website if needed.

    Updating drivers is only done when it needs to be fixed or applications
    demand an updated driver. If it ain't broke do not try to "fix" it.

    If needed try booting last known good configuration , rolling back on the
    driver or use system restore or restore from the system backup you hopefully
    before taking the driver.

    Best regards,
    Michel Denie
    realcestmoi, Jun 13, 2008
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