1 Way Satellite Users / Astra Satellite LAN

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Shafted by Stupidity, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Having spent weeks going through self diagnosis, and then Microsoft support
    assisted diagnosis it has been determined by Microsoft staff that 1 way
    Satellite users within a LAN setup may not be able to recieve windows updates
    without using the following workaround:

    If you aren't able to download or get the windows update page loaded at all,
    you will still need to follow the typical recommeded help stages as shown in
    numerous posts within this discussion group.

    Where the "update client" is placed on a LAN behind the "gateway computer
    using AVC Broadband, Silvermead or other Astra based enhancement clients"

    1. It is neccessary to temporarily disable the satellite acceleration on the
    Gateway PC by removing the tick from beside the word "Satellite" in the Astra
    System tray proxy icon right click menu.

    2. This need only be done immediately before clicking the Express or Custom
    button on the ALREADY LOADED Microsoft Updates page on the Client PC.

    3. Scan using your ISDN or Modem connection only. (Takes ages, be patient)
    This should proceed as far as generating the list of required updates.

    4. Re-enable the Satellite accleration on the Gateway by re-ticking next to
    the word Satellite in the System tray menu.

    5. Now click install or review updates button on the client PC, and download
    WITH the Satellite bandwidth enabled to speed up the download.


    The issue has been mooted by MS staff as being cause by the Astra Proxy in
    Luxemborg not allowing the Windows Anti Piracy Software to unqiely determine
    individual user / PC details.

    A a full fix is to be released in the hoepfully not to distant future.

    Both AVC Broadband and Microsoft staff are working on the issue.
    Shafted by Stupidity, Sep 12, 2005
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