1022/1023 errors every few seconds

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by Bruce, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    All was functional until a rolling reboot last night then

    Event ID 1022 and 1023 repeats every few seconds
    Nodes 1 and 2 report losing then regaining connection with node 3 Public

    Moved groups then stopped and started cluster service on node 3 - no change
    in behavior
    Moved groups back to node 3 successfully - they stay and function normally
    3 node w2k3 sp1 cluster - 3 SQL instances - active/active/active
    All settings are ok according to the steps (and links) in KB 892422
    (Overview of event ID 1123 and event ID 1122 logging in Windows 2000-based
    and Windows Server 2003-based server clusters)

    3 NICs - no teaming
    1 - Backup LAN - 1gb full - not used in cluster
    2 - Public - 100mb full/All Comm
    3 - Heartbeat - 10mb half/Internal Only

    Cluster.log has the following steps repeated every few seconds:

    0000107c.000011a0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.612 INFO [ClMsg] Received interface
    unreachable event for node 3 network 1
    0000107c.000010c4::2008/07/15-14:28:59.612 WARN [NM] Communication was lost
    with interface f7535eda-3e6a-4315-8ca4-b6571f9f2bbe (node: SQL9, network:
    0000107c.000010c4::2008/07/15-14:28:59.612 INFO [NM] Updating local
    connectivity info for network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d.
    0000107c.000011d0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] State recalculation
    timer expired for network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d (PUBLIC).
    0000107c.000011d0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Scheduled worker thread
    to service network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d.
    0000107c.000011c0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Worker thread
    processing network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d.
    0000107c.000011c0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Beginning phase 1 of
    state computation for network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d.
    0000107c.000011c0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Examining connectivity
    data for interface 0 (7bd51dc4-a3f2-4f1a-a293-52694ad74301) on network
    0000107c.000011c0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Interface 1 reports
    interface 0 is up on network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d
    0000107c.000011c0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Interface 2 and
    interface 0 do not agree on their connectivity on network
    0000107c.000011c0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Aborting state
    computation for network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d until
    connectivity data is valid.
    0000107c.000011c0::2008/07/15-14:28:59.721 INFO [NM] Worker thread finished
    processing network 85311e74-876c-41b5-bf15-67b007fec18d.
    0000107c.000011a0::2008/07/15-14:29:01.049 INFO [ClMsg] Received interface
    up event for node 3 network 1

    any thoughts?
    Bruce, Jul 15, 2008
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  2. Disable multicasting. See the following for more details:



    Visit my blog: http://msmvps.com/blogs/jtoner

    John Toner [MVP], Jul 15, 2008
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  3. I agree with John T, and would like to add
    - run latest network drivers


    Edwin vMierlo [MVP], Jul 16, 2008
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