1394 gap count not updated by host pc

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by cedric.schmeits, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. The problem I see is that when their was a bus reset on the network
    each of the 7 connected nodes to the network has a gap count of 63.
    Also the host pc ( running Windows XP SP2 ) has a gap count of 63. Then
    a PhyConf package is send by the host setting the cap count to 24,
    followed by 2 bus resets. After this all the 7 nodes have a gap count
    of 24. Except for the host, it still has 63 as gap count.

    After this the host again sends a PhyConf package setting the gap count
    to 24 again. with the same result. Sometimes this keeps on going,
    sometimes it stabilizes after a few tries, in that case the gap count
    on the host is also 24 and the network operates just fine.

    What can i do to prevent this problem? under SP1 and Windows 2000 i
    don't have this problem because the host will not send the PhyConf
    package to change the gap count. Is it possible to disable this feature
    in the 1394 driver?
    cedric.schmeits, Jan 18, 2007
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