2003 File shares stop working - other services fine????

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Tommy, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Tommy

    Tommy Guest

    Hi folks. I've a server 2003 AD domain and have experienced a "funny" problem
    with the file shares on one of the servers on it (a DC and file server) in
    recent weeks.

    Every Wednesday at roughly 3.45pm the file shares stop working on it. You
    can ping the server, use terminal service to the server but the shares are no
    longer reachable from the network.

    There's nothing in the event viewer to indicate any problems occuring on the
    box and the processor and RAM and not maxed out.

    It looks like the server service is having problems but it is running when
    you look at services.

    The only way to get them back is to restart the box.

    I've had a very similar issue with one of my other DC's (based in another
    office) but it only happens rarely on that site and at random intervals
    (sometimes twice a week! sometimes once a month). Roughly the same issue - no
    file shares - nothing in event viewer - reboot sorts it out. It doesn't seem
    to be doing it much any more.

    Both systems are IBM servers an old Netfinity 5600 (which only started doing
    it recently) and an x232 which used to do it quite often but very rarely now.
    I'm particularly interested in the recent case because of it's regularity and
    wondered if there was a know "baddie" that takes out file shares. We run
    Symantec client security on the box and it's pretty much fully patched (SP2
    with all the hotfixes). There's no scheduled scan for the time of the fault.
    Tommy, Sep 5, 2007
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  2. Hello,

    any scheduled tasks ?
    Absolutely no event log ?

    Restarting the windows service isn't enough ?
    Mathieu CHATEAU, Sep 10, 2007
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  3. Tommy

    Tommy Guest

    Hi Mathieu.

    No Scheduled tasks (at that time of day or that day of the week).

    Nothing in the logs to indicate any issues - no warnings - no errors in
    System, application, DNS, Directory etc.

    Not quite sure what you mean when you say windows service.

    I have tried to restart the server service - the dependent services would
    close but the server service did not shut down so I had to restart the whole
    system anyway.

    I used a process monitor tool to look at what was going on but couldn't see
    anything that was out of the ordinary.
    Tommy, Sep 10, 2007
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