2003 sbs only or 2003 sbs + 2003 standard edition ?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by scott, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. scott

    scott Guest


    Im trying to figure what limits SBS 2003 has. I have a software product that
    is based on SQL server 2000 with about 15 users needing to access it. I
    understand that SQL server 2000 comes as part of SBS 2003 + the appropriate

    What implications is there when using SBS 2003 as domain controller but also
    installing 2003 standard edition as a member server (with 2000 sql on
    standard edition).

    I guess cost is the main problem i.e extra 1-2K if 15 users.

    Ideally would like to isolate the software using sql to its own machine (but
    still on domain) but how much £££ extra does this cost me ?

    scott, Jul 6, 2005
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  2. Hi Scott,

    Although SBS is intended to be a one-stop solution for a small business, it
    will indeed accommodate member servers. As long as the SBS box is the root
    domain controller you should be fine with that setup, though unless you have
    security reasons for isolating the SBS, it will be a lot cheaper to buy a
    more powerful machine to run the SBS and run your SQL on the SBS box itself.
    Multiple processors and lots of memory are your best bet.

    Don`t forget that you have more to consider than just the cost of the
    software: If you have 15 users you have to have 15 CALs for SBS which include
    the CALs for SQL. If you put the SQL on a second machine you need to buy
    another 15 CALs for that. It does tend to get costly. Also your TCO over
    time will be much higher.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes!

    Mitch Garvis, MCSA, Jul 6, 2005
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  3. Hi Scott -

    Well, legally speaking - the SBS components (Exchange, SQL, ISA, etc.) have
    to be installed on the SBS box - they cannot be installed on another server.
    SO - from a software licensing standpoint, the retail prices you're looking

    Everything on SBS:
    SBS2k3 Premium: $1,499.00
    10 additional SBS CALs: $1,000.00
    Total: $2,499.00

    SQL on member server:
    SBS2k3 Standard: $599.00
    10 additional SBS CALs: $1,000.00
    Win2k3 Standard: $999.00
    SQL 2000 Std (server license w/ 5 CALs): $1,489.00
    10 additional SQL CALs: $1,460.00
    Total: $5,547

    So you're looking at an extra $3k in MS software licensing alone, before the
    extra hardware, etc. If it were me, I would put that money to good hardware
    for the SBS. We have a client with close to 30 users hitting a SQL LOB app
    on an SBS without any problems. They key is good hardware . . .

    Note that with SBS Premium, your SBS CALs include access to SQL server on
    the SBS. SBS CALs cover Windows access to any member servers in your
    domain, but they do not cover application access. So if you put regular SQL
    on a member server, you would need to purchase SQL CALs (unless of course
    you opted for SQL per processor licensing versus per server licensing . .
    .. )


    Chad A. Gross - SBS MVP

    Chad A. Gross [SBS MVP], Jul 6, 2005
  4. scott

    scott Guest

    Hi Mitch & Chad,

    Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a single server with SBS 2003 is the way
    to go. As a software developer we "think" we have bright ideas about
    isolating the software on its own box - I guess in reality for 15 users its
    far too costly and impracticable.

    many many thanks for clearing up this issue for us.
    scott, Jul 7, 2005
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