80070017 Error code Resolution

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Graham, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Graham

    Graham Guest


    Just thought i would let you all in to know how i sorted the 80070017 Error

    Firstly i installed vista on my laptop as a way to see if would absolutely
    moan and groan running on 256mb ram and pentium mobile 1.6GHz. It installed
    fine and after playing with drivers i got it working. As this was only a test
    try for me i thought as it works i will do a complete format on my laptop and
    put xp home on then upgrade to vista with it being perfectly clean.

    Basically the jist of the story is i was getting error code 80070017 when
    trying to install it over xp home which i thought would of just been as easy
    as the first time. As other people on the forum mine would stop around the
    32% mark and 76%.

    After reading lots of forum's and through my trial and error i couldnt
    believe that any of the forum's were going to help because i used different
    dvd's, downloaded again, different drives etc. Then i realised it always
    worked better installing first thing in the morning. Thus coming to me
    realising also how hot my laptop would get so when i got home from work i put
    the worlds biggest fan blowing onto it and it installed fine.

    So for people that are having problems still take into account the memory
    heat and cpu heat because i think the installation at certain parts checks
    them both and if there too hot will stop the installation to stop the
    hardware burning out.


    Graham, Jun 13, 2006
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