891711/MS05-002 Updated (fixed) for Win9x

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by PA Bear, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. PA Bear

    Rick Chauvin Guest

    The point of what I read that Gary or AlmostBob are saying, and is true, that
    using a spare HD is ultimately by far superior for dozens of reasons, by far,
    and is cheaper on top of it. It's a no-brainer decision, and once you
    actually use that method - you will never ever look back. CD media has it's
    place yes, but for this conversation with daily or weekly backups - a spare
    HD is totally ultimate in every way better.

    Rick Chauvin, Apr 14, 2005
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  2. As I said, the only upside for DVDs is convenience (at least until the
    price of blank DVDs comes down a bit more, though we may be nearing the
    threshold, I haven't checked lately.)

    Gary S. Terhune
    MS MVP Shell/User

    Gary S. Terhune, Apr 14, 2005
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  3. PA Bear

    Bill in Co. Guest

    DVDs (I mean DVD-R here) are getting pretty cheap now, fortunately. Used
    to be about two dollars a piece for name brands. Now it's under a
    dollar - maybe even 50 cents (name brand) a piece!
    Bill in Co., Apr 14, 2005
  4. PA Bear

    Rick T Guest

    unless you drop it... or your machine catches fire.

    Rick T
    Rick T, Apr 14, 2005
  5. Which is why I have *two* 250GB Maxtor external drives on Firewire, one
    that's plugged into the system and catching nightly backups, and another
    that's stored in a warehouse across town. I switch them every week (or,
    at least, that's the plan, when I get my internal hard drives repaired
    and/or replaced and can stop using one of the externals as a stop-gap
    Gary S. Terhune, Apr 14, 2005
  6. PA Bear

    Rick Chauvin Guest

    Rick T wrote:
    Most pro's keep their spare backup HD's off site in the facility next door,
    better yet network to your offsite or next door or other room computer, and
    not just once but twice over - that's what ultimate backuping is all about
    and it totally failsafe. If at home just keep the extra drive in your draw
    or safe place if you cant network to it.

    Steal my computer, drop it, burn it, whatever ...no problem - walk next door
    to it's identical clone and never miss a beat. Win win situation, and have
    all new same model components delivered the next day, takes an hour to
    assemble it all from scratch, it's fun even, image in disc to disc one drive
    to the other - and never miss a beat ..er.. I should say byte :)

    CD media is nice and fun to use though where appropriate and I didn't mean to
    discredit that and it does have its place. These days even the little 500MB
    and now 1GB common usb flash drives are now rivaling that too, but yes for
    some situations CD media is excellent and preferred very nice, thank you.
    especially in the car listening to tunes in the way to vacation or work :)

    Rick Chauvin, Apr 14, 2005
  7. PA Bear

    Rick T Guest

    Prefer HDs myself for personal or small business use[1]; just thought
    I'd mention though.

    Rick T

    [1] not using anything more than different partitions currently (for
    personal use), though that's more an indication of lack of data
    importance than a reasonable backup strategy.
    Rick T, Apr 14, 2005
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