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Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Rver, May 28, 2005.

  1. Rver

    Rver Guest

    Hello group, i setup a new Windows 2003 domain in an existing Windows 2000
    forest as another tree root domain

    let's say that the forest root is domainA.local (windows 2000) and
    domainB.local is (Windows 2003)

    Cross domain dns zone transfers are in place (without forgetting pulling the
    _msdcs.domainB.local that is delegated on Windows 2003)
    Unfortunately we could not update the root forest domain to windows 2003

    domainA.local as 2 DCs : 1 with all FSMO roles, the other is GC
    domainB.local as 1 DC and it is a GC

    all computers and dcs in domainA are in siteA
    all computers and dcs in domainB are in siteB

    everything seems OK except the content of :


    siteA_sites.domainB.local should be empty, as for
    siteA._sites.domainB.local, right ?

    however i have records in these srv subdomains, in fact i have the same
    in siteA._sites.domainA.local and siteB_sites.domainA.local. (and
    It is as if all my domain controllers for both domains where in both sites
    at the same time ?

    can i delete these SRV records ?

    Rver, May 28, 2005
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  2. Hello Rver,

    I wouldn't do that (and by default they will "reappear" anyways). What
    you experience is the "Automatic Site Coverage". Sites are defined
    globally, and usually domains are totally independant of sites. The DCs
    are making sure that every domain is covered on every site (e.g. if a
    client is traveling to a site). If the DCs of a domain find a site which
    has no DC for that site, they will advertise themselves to cover that

    This behavior is not affecting your design, and only assures that
    clients are able to find a DC for their domain in every site, even if
    the site is without DC. The records won't hurt you, so just keep them.

    Gruesse - Sincerely,

    Ulf B. Simon-Weidner

    MVP-Book "Windows XP - Die Expertentipps": http://tinyurl.com/44zcz
    Weblog: http://msmvps.org/UlfBSimonWeidner
    Website: http://www.windowsserverfaq.org
    Ulf B. Simon-Weidner [MVP], May 28, 2005
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  3. thanks a lot for the information !
    Rodrigo Verissimo, May 30, 2005
  4. Ulf B. Simon-Weidner [MVP], May 30, 2005
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