A Domain Controller in ABC Domain Can Not be Contacted

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by HMOOC, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. HMOOC

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    Hello there,

    Last week we had a nightmare situation with our Exchange Server / PDC (NT 4/
    5.5) after I applied a SP 6 to update the operating system. It was down for
    a day and a half. While it was down, I was trying to tackle various way to
    get another NT box set up with Exchange 5.5. I set up another server with
    the exact NetBIOS name computer on the network with PDC and Exchange install
    on it. I think that's where DNS got confuse about who PDC is now.
    Eventually, we were able to get the old PDC/Exchange server up and running.
    It works just fine and all the users are able to connect to their mailbox on
    the Exchange server but the problem I am having now is when I add a PC to the
    domain, I am getting an error message that a DC in XXXdomain can not be
    contacted. I clicked on the detailed box to get more info and this is what I

    The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location
    (SRV) resource record used to located a domain controller for domain xxx:
    The error was : "DNS name does not exist."
    (error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)

    The query was for the SRV record _ladp._tcp.dc._msdcs.XXXdomain

    Common causes for this error including the following:

    -The DNS SRV record is not registered in DNS
    -One or more of the following zones don not include delegation to its child
    zone: xxxdomain . (the root zone)

    I am pretty sure this related to the part where I took down the new Exchnage
    server and brought the old PDC/Exchnage server back up.

    I would really appreciate if you can give me step by step instructions to
    flush or re-register the old PDC back in the DNS servers.

    Thank you,

    HMOOC, Feb 28, 2006
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