A FIX A FIX for Windows Update SP2 RC2 not downloading

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by SilverDragon, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. SilverDragon

    SilverDragon Guest

    Well I posted before about my SP2 RC2 WU starting going
    to 1.6MB and then failing, with an error code that was
    not too helpful of x80242008 and x8024*** anyway I looked
    in the Windowsupdate.log D:\windows and it revealed that
    atapi.sys was "in use" and this was causing it to fail.
    So I figured and reasoned that M$ in its wisdom would
    simply replace ALL the files anyway in the "Update" so I
    moved the file onto the desktop, just in case, lol, then
    I went back to the WU site redid all the stuff to get the
    file, and Violia it worked!! the DL lost the connection
    about 5 times, I just refreshed the WU page, and it then
    after, telling it to each time, the DL picked up from
    where it left off. BTW the WU install is only 100MB odd.
    So I am fixed got NO help from anyone really, so had to
    figure out myself. took about 5.5 hours over a Dial up
    connection with a DL speed of 5K. So I am happy SP2 works
    great my PC is better faster Stable and Blocks all that
    crap and spyware etc I love it Top Marks M$, Although ya
    could be a bit more helpful with error codes and have a
    data base of them??
    SilverDragon, Jun 17, 2004
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  2. SilverDragon

    Lucy [MSFT] Guest

    Hi SilverDragon,

    Sorry I missed you're previous post. Is it possible to have you send me the
    WindowsUpdate.log file? I'd like to further investigate the failure.

    Remove "online" from address
    Lucy [MSFT], Jun 17, 2004
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