A Fool's Paradise...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Ringmaster, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Ringmaster

    Ringmaster Guest

    Yes, an old phrase, and those that blindly support Vista are in a
    state of happiness based on false hope. Not surprising the meaning is
    lost on the handful of vocal idiots that infest this newsgroup and
    spill their bitter bile which flows here like a overflowed river.

    Alexander Pope back in 1709 wrote thusly:

    "A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the
    Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and
    drinking largely sobers us again." This flowery passage is the source
    of the better known "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" and we
    see examples of such ignorance here daily.

    Beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing. That of course simply means be
    cautious of someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of
    false truths.

    The question boils down to why do some try so hard to paint over the
    obvious flaws sprinkled throughout Vista? Is this not the place to
    bring such issues to light, discuss them and hopefully together find
    solutions? You would think so, but not in the poisoned atmosphere
    created by a few ignorant and foolish posters. To hear them tell it
    Vista is nearly perfect and if you don't share in the bliss they enjoy
    then surely you must be foolish and know not how to install or
    configure Vista properly. About as feeble a lie that could be uttered
    and a vain and limp attempt to drown out the truth even Microsoft
    admits be it in whispers. Namely while well intended, Vista just
    hasn't lived up to the hype or promise previously proclaimed from
    Redmond and not received well anywhere.

    Is there any truth to the madness most of Vista's problems are rooted
    in not installing or configuring it correctly? No. One only need spend
    a few minutes at Google to see the torrent of complaints and
    bewildering number of web pages devoted to discussing Vista issues.
    Many that arise show themselves on boxes with name brands where Vista
    came preinstalled. One would expect a newsgroup created to discuss
    such issues would be an oasis from the storm. It is not.

    Fools do foolish things and this newsgroup never has a shortage of
    idiots eager to praise Microsoft to the highest rather than holding
    them accountable for the ugly thing called Vista. Yes Vista might be
    pretty on the surface, but look below the surface and it's often a
    ugly old hag. Slow, plodding along and often rude with endless nagging
    usually over superficial things plus a unique ability to be seemingly
    unable to do simple things like remember settings and instead with no
    cause or warning reverting back to some arbitrary setting without even
    telling you the user a change was made. Then of course the old
    annoyance of cryptic messages like Windows Explorer needed to close,
    yet nothing but coded messages buried in some event log that at bests
    only hints as to why something internal to Windows keeps crashing.

    This place has taken on a bitter tone because of a few loud but
    ignorant pontificators foolishly thinking you are on holy ground when
    visiting here and besides removing your shoes you also should sit
    quietly and rise in praise when one of the self-anointed blowhards
    begins to bluster. I don't think so. That isn't the purpose of this
    newsgroup, it isn't a house of worship or a fan club. This is suppose
    to be a place of discussion and there can't be only one side heard
    with a few hot heads engaging in shameless personal attacks to attempt
    to drown out opposing views. No, that isn't how it should be, but is
    how things are.
    Ringmaster, Oct 4, 2008
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  2. Yes this topic is totally off topic, but critical none the less.
    Unless you've been living in a cave the past couple weeks you know
    what a serious world wide financial crisis we're in. Having a
    software background I'm going to explain to you in a way that's easy
    to understand.

    First the Banks don't have any money and the Banks made Loans to idiots
    like Ringmaster who can't afford to pay back his loan. Of course
    this fucktard Ringmaster defaults on his loan.

    Multiply this by millions of Ringmasters who can't even balance their
    checkbook, but they can't figure out how a simple copy of Vista works
    on their PC's.

    Remember when your parents had their homes and the father worked and
    the mother stayed home? In todays world, imagine having Ringmaster
    in the house. The wife would say, "****. Ringmaster is home, I need
    to get a Fucking Job". So the Mother went to work so she wouldn't
    have to see the Fucktard Ringmaster when she came home. This is because
    Ringmaster was always drunk, Ringmaster was always insulting everyone
    on the Internet. Thousands and thousands of insulting posts going to
    Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh forums.

    Everyone is a fucktard, fanboy, fuckwit, or worse Ringmaster thought
    they were members of his fucking Idiot Club. Imagine that!

    This is NOT a family crisis, rather a Ringmaster circius. Both
    politicians and the news media have wrongly been referring to the
    pending legislation as a "bail-out of vista.general" implying the fat
    cats will be the major beneficiaries. Not so. That is why most
    Americans who, lets face it, are Joe six pack types are totally
    clueless about vista postings don't understand and have been
    watching Ringmaster flood vista.generalwith angry posts demanding
    they go along with everything Ringmaster has to say.

    Like most forum meltdowns this one has it's roots in STUPIDITY.
    Assessing who's to blame is more easy. If you take a look at the root
    you will see that the majority of the posts are negative and the
    majority of the negative posts are by Ringmaster, blasting everyone
    who has a different opinion than him.

    Helpful posts like everything else goes in cycles. Posts have
    been rising so fast Rubes think they never could start going the other
    way. Well they did start to fall and hard. That is what started this
    mess. Vista users wrote inquiring posts. Many people got to read these
    posts but found that Ringmaster would butt in cussing them out, talking
    about Frank with almost every question or answer. Users were almost
    afriad to respond because they were blasted by Ringmasters disgusting

    We'll leave the complex paper shuffling out of this discussion since
    it is too complex to explain in a newsgroup, so basically we'll just
    say Ringmaster started to lose braincells by the billions.

    There are almost a 1,000 publicly posted messages on the vista general
    forum. Under government regulations as well as generally accepted rules
    of posting, most anything goes. But in recent history, with the
    forum being upset by the lunatic Ringmaster, the Government just might
    step in to help stop the flood of idiot postings by Ringmaster and his
    group of clowns.

    Several flies in the ointment. The big bullies, especially Ubuntu
    pundits use excessive language. That's where they increase their bullying
    power by posting shit posts after shit posts for every legitimate post
    posted. Obviously things are starting to go bad and they can go bad fast.

    As the public tires of Ringmaster and his antics, it just might be time
    for action at the Federal level. We shall see but with the financial
    problems of the country, the vista group may just have to wait.

    We will achive justice. Once and for all.
    Ringmaster's Translator, Oct 4, 2008
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  3. Ringmaster

    Ringmaster Guest

    Go Away Imposter. Just FYI

    Ringmaster, Oct 4, 2008
  4. Ringmaster wrote:


    Ringmaster Albright, when did you become an expert's expert?
    Ringmaster Albright, when did you become a guru's guru?
    Ringmaster Albright, when did you become a Moses' Moses?

    Ringmaster Albright, when did your opinions become opinions that are NOT
    just dime a dozen options, like everyone else?

    Ringmaster Albright show us that your name is up lights somewhere and
    that anyone should take your words/opinions as the gospel.
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
  5. Ringmaster wrote:



    Ringmaster Albright show us that your name is up *in* lights somewhere
    and that anyone should take your words/opinions as the gospel. :p
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
  6. Ringmaster

    NotEvenMe Guest

    Well, you seem to be a legend in your own mind...
    NotEvenMe, Oct 4, 2008
  7. Ringmaster

    Ringmaster Guest

    The only background you have is acting like a predictable asshole. And
    a fine job you're doing Yanaire, you dumb ****.
    Ringmaster, Oct 4, 2008
  8. I have made no claims of being a legend, and I bash no O/S period or no
    O/S of any platform, MS or not MS. I do not try to preach the soap box
    gospel like you or Albright, by bashing. I am a fan boy of all O/S(s),
    because they are written by human beings that put their pants on one leg
    at a time, like I do.

    I don't know about you are Albright as you think you have your finger on
    the pulse of people and Information Technology around the world, which
    I didn't ask your about your opinion in the first place. But you tossed
    it out there like it meant something to me, and it doesn't.

    You should not try to kill the messenger. :p
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
  9. Ringmaster

    xfile Guest

    While I agree with your general principle, but we also need to bear in mind
    that constructive criticism is how we can make real "progress" instead of
    solving the same issues as 20+ years ago, and people somehow feel it's

    The concept of "continuous improvement" has been around for at least 30+
    years, but if we turn our face away from the improvement areas, how are we
    going to make any improvements?

    It is a known management concept for trying to eliminate as many as "ass
    kisser" from a well-established organization as they are the biggest
    obstacle and enemy to the real progress.

    Accepting our products and choices are not perfect is not so difficult, and
    as long as we are happy for what we have and use, why not read others'
    feedback even they are negative, and maybe they can help us to have a even
    better product when the company improved it.

    Also, it takes one to know the answer before knowing where is the problem.
    Not seeing a problem doesn't mean the problem is not there.

    My two cents.
    xfile, Oct 4, 2008
  10. Ringmaster

    Not Even Me Guest

    You seem to think anyone who makes a negative comment is wrong.
    I don't try to promote another OS, I simply point out what I feel are the
    shortcomings of Vista.
    I have used Vista since early BETA and let MS know what I thought.
    MS seems to have decided it was more important to get 'something' released
    instead of doing it 'right'.

    I may not have my finger on the pulse of worldwide IT, but I do know a lot
    of people in IT who think the same of Vista as I do.
    They work for companies as small as 10 employees to over 100,000 employees.
    If several of the largest companies in the world plan to skip Vista, that
    tells me a lot.
    I have only been using computers since 1969, I haven't seen as many changes
    as you have...I guess I must bow to your superior experience.

    Putting people down because you don't agree with their opinion is no way to
    make friends or influence people.
    When you make smart ass, condescending, comments, it just shows your lack of
    Yous seem surprised that anyone would dare respond in kind, that says a lot
    I am beginning to think you are related to Frank.
    Not Even Me, Oct 4, 2008
  11. That's stretching it a bit, but you're spot on everywhere else.

    He's used his current pseudo for about 3 weeks now, thinking it's
    pissing me off.

    Actually, I like it better that he's finally settled down somewhat: he
    used to change nicks daily, just to keep out of everyone's killfile.

    I don't think he likes himself very much. He plays the big shot IT
    guy here but from what he's inadvertently said in posts elsewhere, he
    doesn't make much money at it.
    Paul Montgomery, Oct 4, 2008
  12. I don't care about your negative comments as long as you're not coming
    up in my face about it, which is what you did right out of the gate. I
    could care less as to what you thought.
    I am not trying to promote another O/S either. I am not a salesman. My
    post was only to show what the O/S was doing to protect itself. And here
    you come with your off the wall as to what you think. I could care less
    about what you think. It means nothing to me.
    So? Many software solutions are done that way. The factors that are
    unknown to anyone like you or me can influence the early release of a
    product. No one twisted you arm to do anything to use the product.
    Like I said, opinions are a dime a dozen and everyone has an opinion. I
    don't let the opinions of others influence me too much and basically I
    do my own thing to make a determination as to what I like or do not
    like. I like Vista, and I have no problems with it. But I guess it is
    based on who is sitting behind the wheel and is doing the driving.
    Well, the factors of protection that are in Vista are going to be in
    subsequent releases of the Windows NT based O/S(s). This is just the
    opening salvos.

    And I don't let others make a decision for me or influence me, as to
    what they think. I don't run with the pack. I am not a herder.
    I started in IT in 1971. But why go there?
    If I need to make friends in a NG and influence people in a NG, then
    there is something wrong with the picture.
    Like I am suppose to like the suspender thing comment you made? You got
    out of line at that point with that smart ass comment.

    Up until that point, everything was cool with the exchange between you
    and me.
    Who cares, because I certainly don't care?
    You come up into my face and get out of line like you did and Ringmaster
    Albright has done in the past, then why should I respect you. It's not
    going to happen.
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
  13. Do you think that you are that important? You stalked me. And you stop
    stalking once I used a variation of your name. It stopped you dead in
    your tracks, and it is a sign of disrespect.
    No stupid, the changing of the nyms has a theme, and if that nym theme
    came through killfiles, then so be it.

    However, I did change nyms to let you know that you're little BS KF
    meant nothing, just like you tossed your little BS comments you made to
    someone else here recently, which I am sure the person can come around
    it if he or she wanted to do so.
    You keep on thinking that as I continue to be a .Net business solutions
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
  14. Ringmaster

    Not Even Me Guest

    I only respond that way when someone else has already started with attitude.
    I don't give a rats ass what anyone else thinks, but when anyone comes off
    with the 'holier than thou' crap, I respond in kind.
    If you need all the half baked security in Vista, great.
    All it does for me is to grate on my nerves.
    To have the default security settings locked down and only allow changes by
    an admin is fine.
    Done right, security is great, but for an software supplier to decide that
    an admin is not really an admin and lock things down like MS has tried to do
    is NOT acceptable to me.
    What other OS treats an admin like that?
    I want to set things up MY WAY and if I get whacked by some website, so be
    To force several extra steps for every setting change, and to have to login
    as a Super Secret Hidden Admin to do so is bologna.
    It's not up to the software maker to protect me from myself.
    I don't like the way they put Vista together. If you do, I'm glad for you.
    Not Even Me, Oct 4, 2008
  15. And that's not what you did with your suspender BS and your thoughts on
    things. Who anointed you anything of importance to me?
    There you go again. Who cares as to what you think?
    I don't care if that's what it does for you.
    What is your point here? You have that with the hidden built-in
    Administrator account that is an account with full admin rights.

    You just don't have full rights as a user/admin with the default
    user/admin out of the box account on Vista or any subsequent user/admin
    account that are created on Vista, as they do not inherit full admin
    rights from the built-in Administrator account, like it does on XP.

    I am sorry, because, I guess you just flat-out don't know what you're
    doing when it really comes down to it.
    It doesn't treat the hidden built-in Administrator user account like that.
    Well, there is nothing you can do about it, right? Other than not use
    the product. It's as simple as that.
    So be it. Now will you please STOP, because I don't care what you think.

    And I am not trying to get out of line here either. It's just the way it
    is, as I don't care.
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
  16. Actually, you stopped using 3 new nicks a day right after I posted
    your latest list in the Linux group - where you are the most abusive -
    and said that I'd track you and post the new ones as they became

    You think I've stopped tracking you? Think again, bozo. You made
    threats about how you were going to make my online life miserable, and
    then you started the stalking... It's payback time and that's not
    about to change soon.

    I track you from here to the 24hoursupport.helpdesk and all points in
    Who still uses a dialup account and who has to rush to the bank on
    payday to cover a check written at the gas station 3 days earlier.
    Paul Montgomery, Oct 4, 2008
  17. <snipped>

    <PLANK> that's a soft logical <PLONK>. It's not a hard <PLONK> as I have
    to keep an eye on all *clowns*, like you.

    I am not going to let your a$$ get started. None of the crap from you
    was read.

    Montgumdrop, go on now and sit back down in your wheelchair and sip a
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
  18. You're too paranoid NOT to read anything in reply to you - OR from
    someone who's bent your nose in the past. It's part of that fear of
    someone getting "in your face" that you always allude to. It's part
    of your sickness.

    You're there.

    You're reading.

    You always will be.

    Know that I'm looking over your shoulder all the time while you do.
    Paul Montgomery, Oct 4, 2008
  19. Ringmaster

    brummyfan Guest

    You all could have tried few distros of Linux(Ubuntu 8.04, Linux
    mint,Kubuntu or Xubuntu) instead of wasting your time like this. Come on,do
    your selve a favour and try them. Future is Linux(I am a fortune teller BTW).
    brummyfan, Oct 4, 2008
  20. I have already tried, used, and I got Suse Linux. Why don't you STOP
    trying to beat the horse crap into the ground at the stables over
    Linux, as I don't care as to what you think, either. Linux is just
    another O/S I have used along the way, big deal.
    Paul Montgumdrop, Oct 4, 2008
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