A new MBR and boot sector on Vista boot drive

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Tom Dacon, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Tom Dacon

    Tom Dacon Guest

    I've got a system that has XP on an IDE disk (the primary boot drive), and
    I've got a copy of Vista on my SATA second drive. I was double-booting so
    that I could experiment with Vista to see if I was ready to move to it, but
    my time has run out.

    Suddenly the IDE drive with XP on it has started to fail, not quite
    catastrophically but enough so that I can't boot into the XP partition, and
    I'm moving my operation over onto the Vista partition. And I'm going to have
    to remove the failing IDE drive and replace it with a new one.

    Unfortunately the master boot record is on the failing IDE drive. I've been
    looking around on the web for repair tools and it looks like the Recovery
    Environment that you can get to by booting from the installation DVD will do
    the job, but can anyone give me a cookbook approach to getting this fixed? I
    don't know what I need to do about a boot sector, whether just repairing the
    MBR is all I have to do, and so on and so forth.

    Thanks for any help,
    Tom Dacon
    Tom Dacon, Mar 5, 2009
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  2. Tom Dacon

    kword88 Guest

    do you have a full version of windows on cd? if so, i would remove the
    ide drive, set up the sata as master (which should be automatic), do a
    clean install of windows, then install the ide drive as slave . then you
    can copy any files you need. and you should see a significant
    performance boost with the sata as primary drive.
    kword88, Mar 5, 2009
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  3. Tom Dacon

    Tom Dacon Guest

    Thanks, kword -

    I've already copied off all the data from the failing drive that I can, and
    while I do have the CD that I installed Vista from I'd just as soon save
    myself the trouble of reinstalling the OS if I can fix up the SATA drive so
    that it'll boot without the IDE drive present. It's supposed to be not too
    tough if I can find someone else who's fought that gunfight before and can
    tell me just what I have to do.

    Tom Dacon, Mar 5, 2009
  4. Tom Dacon

    andy Guest

    Changing boot drive
    andy, Mar 5, 2009
  5. Tom Dacon

    Tom Dacon Guest

    Tom Dacon, Mar 6, 2009
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