About Watermark in video file

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    About Watermark in video file

    More and more video appears in the Internet. And the problem of video protection becomes more relevant. Most popular method

    to protect video data is drawing a watermark - a translucent text with a name of the video owner or their site or logotype -

    in each video frame.

    There are several applications that allow users to perform this operation. I want to tell you about the new one:

    This program is oriented to creation of video with watermarks and provides a variety of corresponding features. You can draw

    any watermark, apply different effects and styles and also you can complicate a process of watermarks removing from the video

    as much as possible.

    VideoCharge Studio has a lot of watermark drawing feature. You can create text or graphic watermarks, specify background for

    them and position on the screen, apply different kind of effects, such as shadow effect or stroke and so on; it is possible

    to bend watermarks, twist them and do other transformations. Besides, VideoCharge Studio provides an ability to specify

    watermark behavior while video playing. It includes setting time range when watermark should appear, how it should appear or

    disappear: immediately or gradually. You can specify watermark’s moving on the screen and many other things.

    Furthermore, VideoCharge Studio helps you to protect effectively video with watermarks. Usually an intruder deletes

    watermarks for repeated usage of video, for example, by cropping video files. As a rule, watermark is placed in one of the

    frame corners to make it possible to see the video content. So such watermark can be removed without loss of quality. In

    order to complicate this operation, VideoCharge Studio allows you to set watermark display in the different corners of the

    frame. So if someone else wants to crop the video, video content will be spoiled.

    You can also specify time range when your watermark appears. This time range can be set precisely or randomly.

    But the main feature of VideoCharge Studio is an ability to quickly add watermarks to the video file. If your video file is

    very long and you need to add watermark, for example, for the first 5-10 seconds and you use some other programs, you will

    have to recode the whole file. It will take a lot of time and can make the video quality much worse. Applying VideoCharge

    Studio with Without-Recompression mode (with active edit option) you can add your watermark to your video file in a matter of

    seconds and save 100% of video quality.

    Practically, it is possible, because the program decodes/codes frames with watermarks only. All the rest frames are original.

    And finally, the addition of watermarks to video means work with video files. VideoCharge Studio supports all main video

    formats, allows you to process a quantity of files at once and work with video files via the command line. Besides, you can

    open Wizard for more convenient work, use montage for video file edition and many other things.
    ddn85602, Apr 30, 2010
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