"Access denied" error when doing user profile offline sync

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by brothertu, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. brothertu

    brothertu Guest

    We are using Vista in our company, everyone's home folder (h: drive) i
    having offline sync enabled on it and hence my home folder will b
    copied to the computer that I logged in with my account. This is not
    big issue for me as I understood this is what supposed to be happening

    But I just got a wierd problem of Vista offline sync
    One day I logged in to an user's machine to help him fix a problem an
    I logged off after the job done. After a few days I got an email fro
    that user with attached a screenshot of some offline sync errors on hi
    The error said my profile on his machine is generating errors below
    -Offline Files "Access Denied"
    -Sync failed with Offline File

    It looks like that my profile left on his machine is still trying to d
    the sync even when the user is logged in with his account
    Has anyone seen this problem before

    I don't understand why this is happening as I though the offline syn
    of my profile (H: drive) only happens when I am logged in

    Any advice would be much appreciated
    brothertu, Aug 17, 2009
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