Access Denied on DFS Namespace, from 1 of 3 sites.

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Mysterium, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Mysterium

    Mysterium Guest

    Windows 2003 SP1

    On 3 DC’s in 3 Different Sites, I created a shared directory; NTFS
    permissions and Share permissions were identically configured on each server.
    I then created the DFS Namespace of \\domain\share , using those 3 shared
    directories as Root Targets. When I rdp into to DC’s at the remote sites, I
    can access the namespace various ways: \\Sever1\Share,
    \\Server2\Share\,Server3\Share,\\Domain\Share or \\FQDN\Share I can also
    create /change/delete files, from those remote servers or from desktops in
    those remote sites.
    In my local site however, I get an Access Denied message whenever I try to
    create/change or delete a file in the namespace, no matter which path I use
    to access it. Again, both Share and NTFS permissions were identical, in the
    course of troubleshooting, I went as far as giving everyone the NTFS right
    Full Control to the underling share directory; however the results remain the
    same. The other groups on the share are Domain Admins Full Control (which I
    belong to) System Full Control and on the other Servers Everyone has Modify (
    This will be changed to Authenticated Users having modify, once this is
    working properly)
    While logged into the DC in my site, I am able to create/change/delete files
    from the directory directly (i.e. I can access and modify in the D:\Share)
    Please Advise and Thanks in Advance
    Mysterium, Jun 11, 2007
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  2. Mysterium

    Mysterium Guest

    Additional Information:
    There are no events in the event viewer, and when I access the directory
    through the local admin share (i.e \\server1\D$\share) I can
    add/change/delete files. but accessing it through \\server1\share or the
    domain dfs namespace results in 'access denied' I have been over and over
    the Share and NTFS permissions, there are no groups being resticted or
    otherwise limited.
    Mysterium, Jun 11, 2007
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  3. Mysterium

    Mysterium Guest

    Solved! Somehow the directory was shared 2x! as SW and SWD, I did not find
    this until I attempted to stop sharing, and found that while the share I had
    been looking at SWD indeed had FC for everyone, the second share, which did
    not become visible until the SWD share was stopped. Then it was shared as SW
    which had everyone having read only permissions!
    Mysterium, Jun 11, 2007
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