Access Denied to DFS roots in a server

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Julio Oltra, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Julio Oltra

    Julio Oltra Guest

    Hello everybody,

    I've got a DC "serverx" of one domain and in the past it began to get
    failures of file replication.
    I disjoined it from domain and joined it again with the same name "serverx"
    after removing all the information from AD.
    All works fine but I've got the following problem:

    All the DFS roots and links asociated with the server get me an error of
    "Access Denied" when I triy to delete it.

    I can define new DFS roots and links but I can't delete the defined and if I
    try with dfsutil to delete a dfsroot with the command:
    dfsutil /remftroot /server:<FQDN server> /share:<nameshare>

    The DFS root disappear from the list of DFS belonging to the server, if I
    try to show a DFS root I can select the DFS and it says me that the "DFS
    root specified doesn't exist" and I can't create other with the same name.

    Why am I getting an "Access Denied" error? Where are defined the asociated
    permissions with DFS?
    How can I delete the information of a DFS asociated with a root?
    Where is saved the DFS information? Because using the ADSI Edit inside
    "Domain->DC=domain->CN=System->CN=dfs-configuration" are the root
    definitions but not the link definitions. Is that correct?

    P.D.: If I use dfsutil with the following commands I received the following
    - dfsutil /root:\\<domain>\<share> /view <- Shows me the DFS
    info and says that the target server of DFS root is "serverx"

    - dfsutil /server:"serverx" <- It doesn't show the DFS root or
    - dfsutil /domain:<domain> <- It show the DFS root that I want
    to remove OKOKOK

    - dfsutil /remftroot /server:"serverx" /share:<share> <- The
    element can't be found

    - dfsutil /remftroot:\\<domain>\<share> /server:<"serverx">
    /share:<share> <- The element can't be found
    dfsutil /remftroot:<share> /server:<"serverx"> /share:<share>
    <- The element can't be found

    - dfsutil /remstdroot /server:<"serverx"> /share:<share> <- The
    element can't be found

    - dfsutil /clean /server:<"serverx"> /share:<share> <- The
    element can't be found

    Please some help!! I'm not sure what to do!
    Julio Oltra, Jul 14, 2005
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  2. Julio, are you still having problems with this?

    Permissions are going to be set on [child] container objects of the old
    computer object, among other places.
    Paul Williams [MVP], Aug 23, 2005
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