Access ODBC Oracle and TermSvcs x64

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Seth, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Seth

    Seth Guest


    I've got a W2k3 Terminal Services box with Office 2007 on it. I've managed
    to get as far as getting a working 32bit ODBC link to our Oracle DB but have
    hit a bit of a wall now. One of our users has an Access DB that connects to
    the Oracle DB via ODBC. I've create the ODBC link and tested that - all fine
    using their credentials. the problem comes when we try to connect to Oracle
    through Access. It prompts for authentication fine but then throws an
    ORA-12154 error when you try to connect.
    It would seem that Access is trying to use the 64bit ODBC manager to connect
    even though the ODBC connection for Oracle has been created using the 32bit
    ODBC manager.

    Does anyone know of any method to force Access to use the 32bit ODBC manager?
    Alternatively does anyone know of anything else I'm missing. I've not done
    much with ODBC before so may be totally missing something else.

    Many thanks.
    Seth, Nov 18, 2008
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