Access problems since office move/Ip address change

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Oliver Maynard, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Hi, hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this problem.

    We have just moved offices and broadband providers. With the move came a
    change of Ip addresses. we used to run on and now we use

    Since the move I am getting loads of problems with GPO's not applying to
    clients anymore and the biggest problem which is the server refusing access
    to network drives. I have to manually un-map the drives and add them
    again...most the times using a different username and password as I get the
    error 'Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user,
    using more than one username, are not allowed' or a similar one which I
    cannot now replicate.

    Is this related to the IP address change? if so I musy have missed something
    somewhere when I was updating the server.

    Thanks for you help.
    Oliver Maynard, Mar 2, 2009
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  2. Are you're clients able to ping te sever by name and IP address? If your dc's
    have changed IP's have you checked all the appropriate places in DNS to make
    sure the clients can locate them? You may need to go through DNS with a fine
    comb to make sure they have all changed.
    James Yeomans BSc, MCSE, MCTS, Mar 2, 2009
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  3. Hello Oliver,

    Assuming that "Server 2003 Network problems since IP address change" belongs
    to this one see my answer to that posting.

    Best regards

    Meinolf Weber
    Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS], Mar 3, 2009
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