Access XP data drive using Vista Ult (XP drive=slave drive only NO

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by John C (Go Packers!), Jun 23, 2008.

  1. I have already taken ownership over what I was able to via the "Security" tab
    of the XP data drive and it does show that I am the current owner re the
    admin portion of the drive, HOWEVER, physically...I am unable to view ANY
    directory or folders on this drive. Vista only shows a drive letter and when
    I click on drive...says
    "no access".

    Windows Vista recognizes only that it is a drive...but will not allow me
    physical access to it. This was only a slave (data drive) only. And some
    folders did have password protection, however, like I said...I have already
    changed ownership rights to the drive. I was the administrator of this
    "data" drive in my previous system and have all passwords, is just
    not allowing me to physically get into the drive to navigate around.

    So, what I need is clarification that there IS a way to physically access my
    SATA drive in my Vista system and if there are software settings I need to
    change in the security tabs first what are they?

    Will I need to put this drive back into a XP system? I would have to build
    or buy all of my systems are currently Vista systems. then what is
    the best, most efficient way to get 200gb of data to my Vista system?
    John C (Go Packers!), Jun 23, 2008
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