ACER Aspire 5002 Notebook - Vista install OK

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Pete, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Pete

    Pete Guest

    For those of you with Acer notebooks, or who are interested in how a
    minimally equipped notebook performs.

    The Details: I have an Acer 5002WLCI (Canadian) notebook with the AMD Turion
    64 ML-30, only 512MB RAM (Vista reports only 448MB), 60GB HDD, and lame SIS
    M760GX 64MB shared video. Vista System Performance Rating comes in at a lowly
    1 rating. The lowest of the low! This notebook doesn’t meet the min system
    requirements but Vista seems to be fine, dare I say pretty fast.

    Summary: I was not going to keep the Vista running at first, but now that I
    have reinstalled, I will keep it running. My notebook seems to run as well or
    better with Vista than it did with XP. I may install another 512MB of RAM to
    improve performance now that i know it will run Vista and I can keep this
    notebook for use with Vista (although without Aero glass - i have shared 64MB
    video). I am now quite happy with Vista, and will try the 64 bit version
    soon - thanks to AMD for giving me the option to get the inexpensive 64bit
    Turion processor a year ago for the price of a Celeron! I will continue to go
    AMD!! My only regret is that I don't have a mobile video card like an ATI
    200/x700 or similar GeForce that can run the Aero glass.

    OK, so here is my story. I first did an upgrade from XP to the 32 bit
    version, although I have a 64 bit processor. The results were not impressive
    until I did a complete new install of Vista, and then reinstalled some key
    drivers. Much better now, even on my minimally equipped notebook.

    No, I didn’t do the smart thing and install on a different partition, I just
    replaced my main XP image because I thought I could just run Acer eRecovery
    (Norton Ghost) and revert back to my old XP image stored on D:drive...notes
    below on why that hasn't worked.

    My first attempt was an upgrade from XP and at first I was not impressed.
    Some notes:

    Display: Display was blurry. I adjusted the display settings to 1280x1024
    and the display was still slightly blurry (Why doesn’t Vista detect the
    notebook’s resolution and auto update it?). I figured it was just my video
    card that was not capable of running even the basic Vista UI, never mind
    Aero. However, I just did a complete new reinstall (versus upgrade from XP)
    and then reinstalled the SIS drivers and the display is now crystal clear
    with the basic (not Aero) setting. I do have choppy video when running a DVD
    in Media Player 11, although the videos on my hard drive play fine.

    Software compatibility: Zone Alarm (free) doesn’t work so I’ll use the
    Windows firewall. Otherwise, my Avira AntiVir wouldn’t update so I switched
    to the CA free Vista eTrust antivirus trial which works fine. Funk Odyssey
    Client is not working which is a real PITA because my university uses it for
    wireless. Windows Live Messenger beta is OK.

    I had been using the Office 2007 beta and love the new UI because it now
    presents the menus in a much faster layout. I had totally customized my menus
    to suit my needs and Office 2007 menus now offer every one of my key commands
    on the new menu. I couldn’t be happier with the new Office which is working
    perfectly under Vista.

    Note for Acer Users:
    I used the Acer eRecovery (Norton Ghost) to back up an image of my machine
    before doing the Vista upgrade but it was rendered useless after I installed
    Vista. I tried to run it from Vista to revert back to my previous XP image
    and it tried, but when it rebooted it could not get past the Vista boot
    manager screen. I don’t know the command to run the Acer eRecovery DOS
    version so I couldn’t revert back to XP from Vista. When I did my complete
    reinstall of Vista (after first upgrading) the eRecovery software got wiped
    when it formatted C:drive and the Acer eRecovery can only be reinstalled by
    Acer (lame). I suppose I could try installing Ghost myself and then running
    it to grab the backup image from D: drive where Acer puts it.

    Also for Acer users, the Acer Launch manager works after reinstalling it but
    the Alt-F8 mute and the volume keys seem to conflict with the Vista volume
    control. I don't miss the Acer volume two finger salute though. Wish they
    just put a damn volume control on the case.

    My issues:
    1. After resuming from hibernation on some occasions I get a message that
    the csrss.exe process is running low on virtual memory. I have jacked it up
    to 1500MB from the Windows managed system but I don’t think it will resolve
    the problem.

    2. My Benq 310 wireless USB mouse is working but after hibernation it isn’t
    always recognized so I have to unplug/replug and it works again.

    3. As noted above, playing a DVD in WMP11 is choppy, although my saved WMP
    videos from my hard drive work fine. I am not sure the SiS drivers fully
    installed properly although for everything else the display is outstanding.
    Pete, Jun 18, 2006
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