Active Direcotry and local domain with ISP DNS and

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by jangar, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. jangar

    jangar Guest


    i'd ask if it is possible install Active Directory/DNS with dynamic dns
    services of
    I have a lan composited by:

    5 "PC" Window XP SP2
    1 "Server" Windows 2000 Advanced Server (ENG)
    1 "Router"/Switch ADSL U.S. Robotics Sureconnect
    1 ADSL connection with dynamic IP.

    I activated becouse i have the necessity to public any services
    by my "Server" and i created a third level domain name on,


    and i configure the firewall of my router to forwad the traffic of its port
    NN to port NN of "Server" and until now it's ok. ;-)

    Now, i must install and configure Active Direcotory on my "Server". This
    must to become th PDC of LAN and the DNS configured in way to resolve the
    name of hosts in the LAN and resolve the external name for PCs of LAN
    forwading with DNSs of my ISP.
    I don't understand if the name of my domain must to be equal to domain and other things on configuring DNS.

    Someone can help me and to explain to me like making?

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jangar, Jan 18, 2005
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  2. jangar

    Herb Martin Guest

    No. That's not the way.

    I answered fully in another group.

    PLEASE crosspost a SINGLE message instead of duplicating
    the post -- then everyone can help you jointly and work together,
    while you and everyone else can see the answers threaded

    Here is part of what I gave you elsewhere...

    DNS for AD
    1) Dynamic for the zone supporting AD
    2) All internal DNS clients NIC\IP properties must specify SOLELY
    that internal, dynamic DNS server (set.)
    3) DCs and even DNS servers are DNS clients too -- see #2

    Restart NetLogon on any DC if you change any of the above that
    affects a DC and/or use:

    nltest /dsregdns /server:DC-ServerNameGoesHere

    Ensure that DNS zones/domains are fully replicated to all DNS
    servers for that (internal) zone/domain.

    Also useful may be running DCDiag on each DC, sending the
    output to a text file, and searching for FAIL, ERROR, WARN.
    Herb Martin, Jan 18, 2005
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