Active Directory Mailbox Creation

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Alboni, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. Alboni

    Alboni Guest

    I have always created a mailbox for Exchange whenever I have created a new
    user in Active Directory. However, recently, I receive confirmation that the
    mailbox has been created, but in the Exchange System Manager, the mailbox is
    not their. I have checked for a possible licensing issue; Microsoft says it
    is OK, that it is an Active Directory issue. I don't recive any errors on
    the Domain Controller, but I have an additional domain controller in the
    network that I receive the error on: Windows cannot create the object
    because: The directory service was unable to allocate a relative identifier.
    Any help on this matter would be deeply appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Alboni, Dec 24, 2004
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  2. The last sentence of "The directory service was unable to allocate a
    relative identifier" gives a hint that the RID master (this is an FSMO role
    for the site) was unreachable. Does the site checkout okay when using


    ps might be helpful to you to
    test/find which DC holds this role.
    neo [mvp outlook], Dec 24, 2004
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  3. Alboni

    Alboni Guest

    Thank you for your response. The domain controller that I create the new
    user account on, does properly hold the RID master role. I am running the
    other tools that the article suggests. The error was on the additional
    domain controller that doesn't hold any of the FSMO roles.
    Thank you.
    Alboni, Dec 25, 2004
  4. Check if this additional DC can properly locate and communicate with RID
    master - it should get additional RID range from the RID master. Run DCdiag
    and check its output for an errors. Check Yous ysstem log if you have any
    errror entries in it
    Tomasz Onyszko [MVP AD], Dec 28, 2004
  5. Alboni

    XP_2600 Guest

    First of all make a back up of your system state and active directory using
    NTbackup or using any other third party software, then just plug your hard
    disk in the new machine (if you dont plan to change the hard disk) and from
    there try to boot in safe mode, if it fails or gave you blue screen of death,
    so try to boot from you windows 2003 CD, and when it ask you what do you want
    to do hit Enter to install windows 2003, after accept the end license
    agreement its going to scan your hard disk searching for any installed
    windows 2003 and its will notify you that setup find windows if you want to
    repair hit R if you want to install a fresh copy hit escape of course in your
    case you are going to hit R it suppose its going to take the normal windows
    installation time, i dont gurantee it but its worked with me sever times (if
    you use acronis server image please uninstall it before doing anything cause
    it seems cause alot of problems with repair with errrors about unknown mass
    storage and so on).
    XP_2600, Dec 30, 2004
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