ActiveSync 4.2b + O2 Atom

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Scott, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    With O2 Atom connected to pc using ActiveSync, there is Local Area
    Connection 3. It is 10 MHz speed and the ip is, subnet mask is and the default gateway is It is marked from
    DHCP server. What is this and where is the DHCP server? Is it working


    Scott, Jun 17, 2006
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  2. Scott

    Raj Pillai Guest


    Yes, thats the way WM 5.0 and AS 4.x version is designed to work.
    Raj Pillai, Jun 17, 2006
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  3. Scott

    Scott Guest

    Raj, does not work on my network and appears to be a
    self IP - it does not work with the local network. How can we say this is
    what WM5.0 is designed to work like that?

    Scott, Jun 18, 2006
  4. The range is simply a range of available IP addresses. They won't conflict
    unless your PC is set up to assign itself a Self IP. Is that the case? The
    WM device and the IP address assigned to the AS-connected device should not
    be on the same subnet as the other network interfaces on the PC. That would
    clearly be the wrong way to do this. What's the problem, exactly, with the
    IPs, as they currently are?

    Paul T.
    Paul G. Tobey [eMVP], Jun 19, 2006
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