Activesync Has Deleted My Outlook Appointments/Tasks/Notes

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by andyclap, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. andyclap

    andyclap Guest

    I've just restored my device (XDA II) from a backup from a few months ago.

    When I came to do the first sync of the device to get it up to date, rather
    than copying all the new appointments, tasks and notes from Outlook to the
    device, all Appointments/Tasks/Notes entered since the backup were deleted
    from Outlook!!!

    Is this standard behaviour with AS4.1, or did something strange happen?
    There were no errors or warnings that it was going to do this.

    You can't beleive how shocked I am - I rely on outlook! 2 Months of
    appointment details gone! I recently started using tasks to manage my issues
    list at work! I had several work meeting notes, not to mention all my
    christmas present ideas stored in notes files! All gone!

    andyclap, Dec 7, 2005
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  2. andyclap

    andyclap Guest

    I've just realised that my email's gone too - from only those folders that I
    sync. I think I'm going to cry.
    andyclap, Dec 7, 2005
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  3. andyclap

    Raj Pillai Guest


    If a partnership exists, then you might experience the loss of data. Since
    you have a backup, restore it on the device and then delete the partnership
    on the computer before syncing. This will make Activesync prompt you to
    setup a new partnership and as a result give you the option of Combining the
    data on your device with that of the computer.

    To delete and recreate the partnership --

    1. Disconnect the PPC from the computer.
    2. In Activesync -> File -> Delete Partnership.
    3. Connect the device and follow the onscreen
    instructions to setup a new partnership.

    With respect to the lost data, I suggest you take a look in the Deleted
    items folder of Outlook. You should be able to find most of your entries
    there. You can move the items back to their original folder.

    The Inbox sync works one way so you will have a problem if you want to get
    the mails on the device to the Outlook Inbox. If you need it, then take a
    look at to recover them.
    Raj Pillai, Dec 7, 2005
  4. andyclap

    CeeBee Guest


    Don't _rely_ on ActiveSync. It is being speculated that the programmers at
    Microsoft use Palm devices to avoid using their own creation. ActiveSync
    is one of the MS pieces of software that actually get worse with each new
    release. Release 4 is another attempt to reach the pinnacle of gruesome
    software design.

    When you are in deep trouble after a reset and trying to restore a backup,
    the first thing ActiveSync will tell you that it can't restore and you
    have to make all twists and turns with partnerships and language settings
    to get the backup restored - another way of Microsoft to say: "when
    everything just went awfully wrong, let's make it as difficult as possible
    to make things right again, because that's logical."

    If you're able to keep the use of ActiveSync to a minimum - which is quite
    an achievement giving the compulsory behaviour of it to load itself and
    make it automatically start up with Windows - there even isn't a way to
    prevent it permanently - make backups every day with third party software.
    If you don't use WM5 (although there will be a version for WM5 shortly)
    you could consider Sprite backup.

    Sprite does what a backup program should do: backup in a few minutes or
    less, and restore without yelping about settings in a matter of minutes as
    well. It gives you the opportunity to make a quick backup after you just
    mutated a lot of data.

    With it you can permit ActiveSync and Outlook handle your valuable data
    until the next time they screw up the data you need to earn your daily
    living. On tap on the self extracting file and you're up and running again
    in a few minutes, even after a hard reset.
    CeeBee, Dec 7, 2005
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