ActiveSync only syncs fraction of Contacts & Favourites

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by CJSnet, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Hi, I am using ActiveSync 4 with Windows Mobile 5 on the HTC Universal
    Pocket PC.

    I have 565 Contacts in Outlook, however ActiveSync only leaves about 100 on
    the device after the 2nd sync (all 565 copy successfully on the 1st sync).

    I also have many Mobile Favourites organised into folders on the PC. Again,
    only a fraction of them ever stay on the device after the 2nd sync.

    I have tried:
    Deleting the partnership on the PC and PPC
    Checking the Contacts filters
    Copying all my Contacts on Outlook to a new folder to delete them from the
    Recopying them back to Contacts to recreate them on the PPC (works until 2nd
    Manually copying Favourites to the device (they appear correctly until the
    next sync)
    Rebooting device between all the above

    Please could somebody help?


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    CJSnet, Nov 1, 2005
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  2. Chris De Herrera, Nov 1, 2005
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  3. CJSnet

    CJSnet Guest

    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    1) I know AS only copies changed contacts. Maybe you didn't read the issue
    fully, but to recap, I have 565 contacts in Outlook and only 100 or so of
    them stay on the device. Not sure how this is explained by changed

    2) Filtering does work fine with AS4 and WM5. I was just saying it wasn't
    the cause.

    3) Tried your suggestion for Favourites. It copies fine the first time as
    I said, but 2nd time it deletes half of them from the device!

    Any ideas?


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    CJSnet, Nov 1, 2005
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