ActiveSync...Problems, problems, problems

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by John, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Active Sync has to be the most frustrating, most ridiculously unreliable
    piece of software that I have ever used.

    I've been using ActiveSync 4.5 for a year now with Outlook 2002 and XP SP2
    to synch an iPaq 111. I'm connecting directly to the PC through USB, no hub.
    I rountinely receive a constant stream of random problems. Here's a summary:

    1. Plug in the iPaq and ActiveSync doesn't even recognize that it's been
    plugged in. The little cirlce with the arrows sits happily greyed out in the
    tray, doing nothing. Sometimes the charging light comes on on the iPaq when
    it is not recognized by ActiveSync, sometimes it doesn't. When this error
    occurs, I have to shut down and restart my PC and everything's back to
    normal, until next time.

    2. Sometimes I'll receive a dialog box that the iPaq was not able to connect
    to ActiveSync and that I can go through the troubleshooter to find the
    problem. That's a lot of help, because I'll go through the troubleshooter
    only to have it run through it's test and provide no information whatsoever.
    I usually cancel the option to go through the troubleshooter because it
    doesn't provide any error codes or insight into the problem.

    3. Syncing notes...what fun! When I make a change to a Note, either on the
    PDA or on the PC and then try to sync, I am told there's an Unresolved Item.
    I am given the Attention Required: Resolve Items link and I click on it. The
    iPaq begins syncing again and all seems good, right. I'll leave the iPaq
    connected, making no changes on either the iPaq or PC and after a couple
    rounds of syncing, the Unresolved Item is back! Remember, I haven't made any
    changes, it's just Unresolved..again. To fix that problem, I've unchecked
    the sync option for Notes, so I won't get the error anymore, but I also won't
    have the benefit of having my Notes sync. Isn't having that stuff syncing
    the whole point of sync?

    I have read the other posts on this board. I have gone to the device, gone
    to Start>Settings>Connections>USB to PC and unchecked the "Enable advanced
    network functionality" box. I don't receive the "can't connect, would you
    like to troubleshoot" dialog as often, but it still happens frequently.

    There's probably more that I can't think of at the moment, but these seem to
    be the most frustrating and most frequent. Does anyone have any ideas? Does
    anymore from Microsoft read this board to see the litany of problems users
    experience with this product?

    Thanks in advance

    John, Dec 16, 2008
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  2. John

    jss Guest

    I've seen many of these problems on my palm 800w (WM 6.1). I've given up on
    syncing Outlook (without exchange) on two pcs. I use a Palm Zire 31 for

    I too am amazed that the usual 'fixes' proposed are barely even workarounds:
    "well then, just don't sync notes, or tasks, or whatever".

    What I expect will happen is that MS will stop supporting Activesync to help
    force people to Vista, which by many accounts doesn't work well either. If
    there is an AS 5x, they will remove many features that they can't get to
    work and say "this behavior is by design".
    jss, Dec 16, 2008
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  3. John

    John Guest


    Thanks for your reply.

    I disabled the Network Functionality checkoux long ago. Doing so reduced
    the incidence of the iPAQ not being recognized, but didn't make it go away

    I've checked to see if Notes were syncing without Notes being selected in
    the Options. Of course, they aren't.

    If I recheck Notes and ignore the warning, AS stops syncing when it
    encounters the Unresolved Items. I would have to watch AS and click the
    Resolve Items link each time it appears to allow AS to sync. I'm not
    prepared to sit here and click to let the software do it's job that it should
    be doing without me clicking to eliminate a phantom warning.

    (P.S. This is my second attempt to post this message. The first time I
    clicked POST, the Forum returned an error and I had to shut down and reopen
    the Forum...way to go Microsoft!)


    John, Dec 17, 2008
  4. John

    John Guest

    The sync completes, even with Notes sync active. However, if I make any
    more changes on the PC while the PDA is connected, those changes wouldn't
    automatically get picked up by the PDA because AS is stalled while waiting
    for me to deal with a non-existant problem. I would have to go to AS after
    making the change, click the Resolve Items link, let it go through it's
    motions, then I could disconnect, having a sync'd device.

    John, Dec 17, 2008
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