ActiveSync Sync's forever without doing anything

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Ettie, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Ettie

    Ettie Guest

    Hi, can anyone help please?

    I have a Palm Treo Pro phone. I managed to set up a syncing relationship
    between the original phone and my PC very easily.

    I have received an exchange (new) Palm Pro Treo from the carrier under

    When I tried to do the same with the new phone it did not work. I have
    uninstalled/reinstalled ActiveSync, deleted/recreated syncing partnerships,
    "Click Start > Run on your computer and type the following: Regsvr32.exe
    %Windir%\System32\ole32.dll Click OK restarted the PC", soft & hard reset
    my phone. It connects with ActiveS, allows me to define a syncing
    partnership, but then

    PROBLEM: It keeps on synchronizing forever.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


    Ettie, Dec 28, 2009
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  2. Ettie

    Ettie Guest

    Thanks Todd,

    I since got it sorted. Before I had to let the syncing run for an hour plus.

    Steps for the benefit of others:

    1. On Phone: "Start - Settings - Connections - USB to PC": Ensure that
    "Enable advanced network functionality" is NOT selected.

    2. Delete syncing partnership on PC (ActiveSync)

    3. Set up new partnership, but omit Outlook Contacts from list(If included
    this first time around, it did not sync the contacts from PC to phone) and
    sync. This takes say 5 mins.

    4. Delete syncing partnership on PC (ActiveSync) again.

    5. Set up new partnership, but this time include Outlook Contacts and sync.
    Perfect! [I found this odd, but tested it and can replicate the issue]

    To note - if it "runs forever" the syncing progress bar in Active sync will
    not be displayed.

    Cheers and Happy New Year,

    Ettie, Dec 30, 2009
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