ActiveSync won't detect my Pocket PC (T-Mobile PPC)

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Joseph Geretz, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. Software: PPC v4.20.0 (2004?) / ActiveSync 2.7.1
    Hardware: T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition

    My hardware USB connection is good. I get a nice 'thunk' when I slip the
    unit into the cradle. Windows sees this as:
    Windows CE USB Devices
    +== HTC USB Sync

    But 'Get Connected' doesn't detect this.

    Here's what happened. I recently reinstalled my OS. I just installed
    ActiveSync 3.5 from the T-Mobile CD and synched up. Everything seemed to go
    OK. But then I tried to drag a file onto the device using the explorer. I
    got a message on the PPC saying incompatible ActiveSync. OK, that made
    sense. I'd forrgotten that I'd upgraded my PPC OS and so the ActiveSync on
    the CD was out-of-date. No problem. I downloaded the latest AS v3.7.1 from
    the web and installed it. Since then it hasn't detected the PPC in the
    cradle. I've rebooted both the PC and the PPC.

    Thanks for any help which you can provide!

    Joe Geretz
    Joseph Geretz, Aug 6, 2004
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  2. Some more info:

    My PC platform is Win XP Pro.

    If I go to File | Get Connected and then place the PPC in the cradle while
    the initial dialog is displaying, then I hear the Windows USB 'kathunk', the
    ActiveSync 'deedledee' and the dialog diappears. However ActiveSync still
    says No Partnerships / Not Connected.

    If I then go to File | Connection Settings, I see Status Connected under USB
    but up at the top is says Status: Waiting for device to connect. Huh? These
    are mutually exclusive! If I then click Get Connected, then USD immediately
    reverts to Available, the connection attempts proceed and no connection is

    Also, under My Computer I can see the Mobile Device as a system folder, but
    if I open it up I don't se any files.

    Thanks for your help!

    - Joe Geretz -
    Joseph Geretz, Aug 6, 2004
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  3. YES! I got it - finally!

    TNT2bluz writes:

    Finally got to sync.

    1) Uninstall Active Sync.
    2) Uninstall HTC under Windows CE Devices in Device Manager
    3) Unplugged USB
    4) Reboot PC
    5) Soft Reset PDA
    6) Install Activesync to a different custom folder
    7) Cradle phone and plug USB.


    I used basically the same methodology except after uninstalling ActiveSync I
    manually deleted the left over folder from the file system. Then in Step 6 I
    just installed to the default folder.

    It seems that the crux of the problem is that uninstalling ActiveSync leaves
    the folder in place with configuration files which were created after the
    original install (standard MSI behavior). It's these leftover artifacts form
    the previous install which cause problems for subsequent installs.

    Hope this can be helpful to someone else in the same situation.

    - Joe Geretz -
    Joseph Geretz, Aug 6, 2004
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