ActiveX Control prompt "An ActiveX control on this page might be u

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Rahul, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Rahul

    Rahul Guest

    Hello All,

    am using an ActiveX Control to load my app in Media-Center Vista and i get a
    prompt "An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with
    other parts...".

    Though when i right-click on media center and run as admin, and then launch
    my app in media center, i dont get any prompts. Also the prompt goes away for
    ever after running as admin even if i run as user untill i un-register my
    ActiveX control and register is back.

    But now i cannot ask user to run media center as admin (once) to get rid of
    the prompt,

    what can i do it programmatically (C++) to get rid of this prompt in the
    first place?

    Also if someone know what happens once to that ActiveX control once i run as

    Rahul, Aug 1, 2006
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  2. Rahul

    jonah Guest

    You said the problem goes away for ever when you run as admin......OK
    Once you register this ActiveX control as admin its registered as OK
    to run in future, if you unregister it obviously the prompt will come

    Not sure what you are getting at here, whats the problem? What you
    have described looks like it is working correctly to me.

    jonah, Aug 1, 2006
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  3. Rahul

    Rahul Guest

    Thanks for your reply,

    and yes, the problem goes away for ever when i run media-center as admin
    (i.e. right click MC and run as admin) and not ActiveX, I have to rightclick
    command prompt, run cmd as admin and then register my ActiveX, and it still

    So the prompt stays when i run Media Center directly (w/o rtclick..).

    lemme know if there is a different way to register my ActiveX as admin or a
    programmatical way to give it admin rights

    Rahul, Aug 1, 2006
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