"ad/spyware by MS"

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Dutch User, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Dutch User

    Dutch User Guest

    Details on all frontpages:
    "Microsoft said to be mulling purchase of Claria"

    "Microsoft is in discussions to buy controversial adware maker Claria, sources say,
    in a move to own an advertising network to compete with rivals Google and Yahoo."

    "Second, MSN would acquire technology to personalize advertisements--search ads,
    banners or pop-ups--as well as tailor content to Web surfers. Personalizing the
    consumer Web experience is an ambition of all of the major portals, including MSN, so
    that people grow more loyal to one service over another.

    Finally, MSN would gain access to a system with in-depth knowledge of consumer
    behavior on the Internet. Claria's software is installed on an estimated 40 million
    desktops and is designed to monitor people's actions, behaviors, likes and dislikes
    in order to display targeted ads. The company also operates a research division that
    extrapolates consumer habits over the long term. The New York Times first reported
    the story."

    "Whether a deal will happen is unclear, according to sources familiar with the talks.
    But in the event that it does, Microsoft would likely face guff from consumer
    watchdogs for buying a company known for tracking Web surfers and delivering annoying


    So first we are almost forced to "increase our privacy" by updating to XP SP2,
    then MS buys or intents to buy Claria , despised maker of ad/spyware.

    We are utterly stunned.

    "Representatives for Microsoft and Claria declined to comment on any talks.

    Anyone who does care to comment?
    Dutch User, Jul 5, 2005
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