Adding a new Domain Controller to existing Domain

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Alpaje, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Alpaje

    Alpaje Guest


    Hi i have a old file server running on Win2K (SP4) Svr. I would like to add
    in a new server to replace this old file server. I intend to run Win2003 Svr
    OS on this new server. This is what i intend to do,
    1) Place the new server to the existing domain and join the existing domain.
    2) Replication of sysvol and other data should be done after a day or 2.
    3) Install AD to this new server. Demote the old file server so that the
    FSMO role will be released. How will my new server seize the FSMO role?

    This is what i intend to do, i would appreciate if you guys can advise me
    whether the above procedures works? And what are the things that i need to
    aware of??

    Alpaje, Mar 8, 2005
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  2. Two way to do that...;en-us;255690;en-us;255504

    But yesterday I have a same envoirment but the seize action was failed. I
    guess my existing (old) domain controller DNS configure got samethings
    wrong. So I run dcpromo /forceremoval to my new server installed and dcpromo
    again as a new domain.

    hope you can get it work!!
    hince. verify the DNS configuration is correct on your old DC. The new
    server (to be a DC) possible DNS point to the old DC.

    David [email protected] \(cat bite\), Mar 8, 2005
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