Adding Branch office server to the same domain at corp office

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Andre, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Andre

    Andre Guest

    I watched one of the web casts about AD and was trying to do everything as
    they said in the web cast. I have two locations one in MA and a new
    location in NY. I have two win 2003 servers I backed up the system state from
    the MA server and then restore it to the NY office. Next i ran DCPROMO/adv
    pointed to the restored system state. This is where I get stopped... I get
    an error that says the two servers are on different builds and they have to
    be both on the same build to proceed. I checked both servers and the error
    was correct they are on different build. The one in MA is
    3790.srv03_sp1_rtm.050324-1447 and the one in NY is
    3790.srv03_sp1_qfe.050504-1733. I ran all MS updates and there is none
    pending on either server the difference is the NY server is brand new and it
    is running the R2. I assume that is the difference... My basic question is
    how do I get these builds to agree so I can complete this task.
    Andre, Oct 2, 2006
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  2. Andre

    Jorge Silva Guest

    Doesn't sound that both versions are Entreprise edition.

    I hope that the information above helps you

    Good Luck
    Jorge Silva
    Systems Administrator
    Jorge Silva, Oct 2, 2006
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  3. Please post the line with the error, and a couple above and below, from
    Paul Williams [MVP], Oct 3, 2006
  4. Andre

    Andre Guest

    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Promotion request for replica domain controller
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] DnsDomainName
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] ReplicaPartner
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] SiteName (NULL)
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] DsDatabasePath C:\WINDOWS\NTDS, DsLogPath
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] SystemVolumeRootPath C:\WINDOWS\SYSVOL
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Account\Administrator
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Options 131264
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Validate supplied paths
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Validating path C:\WINDOWS\NTDS.
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Path is a directory
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Path is on a fixed disk drive.
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Validating path C:\WINDOWS\NTDS.
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Path is a directory
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Path is on a fixed disk drive.
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Validating path C:\WINDOWS\SYSVOL.
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Path is on a fixed disk drive.
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Path is on an NTFS volume
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Start the worker task
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Request for promotion returning 0
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Forcing time sync
    10/02 15:52:13 [INFO] Forcing a time synch with

    10/02 15:52:14 [ERROR] Failed to get the current time on 5
    10/02 15:52:14 [ERROR] NON-FATAL error forcing a time sync (5). Ignoring
    10/02 15:52:15 [INFO] Searching for a domain controller for the domain that contains the account yyyyyyyyy$

    10/02 15:52:16 [INFO] Located domain controller for

    10/02 15:52:16 [INFO] Using site Default-First-Site-Name for server

    10/02 15:52:16 [INFO] Stopping service NETLOGON

    10/02 15:52:16 [INFO] Stopping service NETLOGON

    10/02 15:53:16 [INFO] Configuring service NETLOGON to 1 returned 0
    10/02 15:53:16 [INFO] Stopped NETLOGON
    10/02 15:53:16 [INFO] Deleting current sysvol path C:\WINDOWS\SYSVOL
    10/02 15:53:19 [INFO] Created system volume path
    10/02 15:53:19 [INFO] Installing the Directory Service

    10/02 15:53:19 [INFO] Calling NtdsInstall for
    10/02 15:53:19 [INFO] Starting Active Directory installation
    10/02 15:53:19 [INFO] Validating user supplied options
    10/02 15:53:19 [INFO] Determining a site in which to install
    10/02 15:53:19 [INFO] Examining an existing Active Directory forest
    10/02 15:53:32 [INFO] Error - Active Directory could not be restored,
    because the backup files were taken on a different build of the operating

    User Action

    Use a backup of the same build of the operating system and retry the restore
    10/02 15:53:32 [INFO] NtdsInstall for returned 8251
    10/02 15:53:32 [INFO] DsRolepInstallDs returned 8251
    10/02 15:53:32 [ERROR] Failed to install to Directory Service (8251)
    10/02 15:53:40 [INFO] Starting service NETLOGON

    10/02 15:53:40 [INFO] Configuring service NETLOGON to 2 returned 0
    10/02 15:53:41 [INFO] The attempted domain controller operation has completed

    10/02 15:53:41 [INFO] DsRolepSetOperationDone returned 0
    Andre, Oct 3, 2006
  5. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Yes, You are correct they are both are standard editions, however one is
    Standard R2 what ever that means.
    Andre, Oct 3, 2006
  6. Andre

    Paul Bergson Guest

    Standard R2 is a newer Release (Release 2). You should make sure that both
    are running R2 and Windows Updates has the same patch level on both. Then
    validate that the hardware is the same and then you should be able to do
    this again. Otherwise it is going to block you.
    Paul Bergson, Oct 3, 2006
  7. Andre

    Andre Guest

    How do I get the Corp office server to R2. Do I have to buy a copy of server
    03 R2? Or is there an update?
    Andre, Oct 3, 2006
  8. Andre

    Paul Bergson Guest

    Buy an upgrade
    Paul Bergson, Oct 3, 2006
  9. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Is there any way to do this without having to buy an upgrade? If I do an
    upgrade I have it will push me out at least another week if not longer. Can
    I bring the R2 server down a build to just SP1. Or is there another way to
    get these to servers in the same domain without having to mess with either
    Andre, Oct 3, 2006
  10. Andre

    Paul Bergson Guest

    R2 is a new release, I don't see any other way you can do this.
    Paul Bergson, Oct 3, 2006
  11. Paul Williams [MVP], Oct 3, 2006
  12. Yeah, you can't use /ADV because one is R2 and one isn't. Four choices as I
    see it:

    1. Upgrade the non-R2 box to R2 and take a new backup (this will cost the
    price of a new license unless you have SA in which case I believe it is
    2. Don't use /ADV
    3. Promote the server without /ADV at the main site and ship to the other
    4. Promote a R2 VM. Backup and use that backup for the /ADV. Then demote
    and destory the OS. You can use the evaluation disks to do this.
    Paul Williams [MVP], Oct 3, 2006
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